Leading A Positive Life

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Dr. Purushothaman
June 6, 2014

Positive thinking is a way to succeed in life. Most people lack this wonderful quality which ultimately reaches in attaining success. Success is something which a person needs not only in one’s carrier, but also in one’s personal life.No matter how strong we are in mind, we find ourselves trapped in one or the other tricky situations, which might lead to a lot of stress. Stress has its own position in today’s life. Both man and woman, even small children experience stress in one way or the other. Speed has affected the official life that work is literally based on time-limit. In order to complete work before the allotted time, people undergo a lot of stress. Financial problems in family grow negative thinking. Extra-marital affairs also lead to a lot of stress in one’s life, and the thought of losing the partner to someone else makes the other’s life miserable.

Mind when indulged in problems, will not be able to work properly.
Often most people wonder how to be positive in their thoughts and actions if they are in an unhappy situation, or when they are having a tough time handling tough situations. For such people, even when things are working out well, they remain negative, because they do not know how to be positive at all.  Hence it is advisable to train our mind to handle such situations with a positive attitude.
Positive thinking develops mental peace, brings in success, better relationships, good health, satisfaction and happiness. It helps in making life look beautiful, bright and promising.
Positivity does not come all at once. One must train his mind to positive thinking. There are a lot of methods to train our mind to positive thinking.

Change your thought process. If we keep on thinking the same negative situations which once happened in our lives, then we will always remain in the past and never move on. If we want to have success in our lives, then the failures are to be moved apart. Make failures your stepping stones to success not as a factor to put you right where you were, while you had a setback.Change your attitude towards life. If you failed, think that you will succeed one day.’ I can’ and’ I will ‘and ‘I am able’ must be the mottos of our life.Read pleasant books. Books based on developing your positive behavior are the best energy drinks to positivity.

Hear positive ideas. Start listing to podcasts related to positivity. Let your mind be refreshed with positivity.

Talk in a positive manner. Never say ‘I cannot do’, ‘I am a big loser’, ‘Everyone hates me’ and ‘No one appreciates me’. If everyone hates us, it is their problem not ours. If no one appreciates us, you know well that you are appreciated and honored by you yourself.

Appreciate the good works of other people. Be a helping hand to others. Encourage others. This increases the positive vibe in you.

Love your partner whole-heartedly. Your spouse is the only person who knows more about you- your moods, your dreams, your ambitions, your good and your bad. Be a good partner and encourage your spouse in every way.  Remember, your spouse can be of great help in your bad times, to encourage you and to support you mentally.

Make your kids believe that they are the main preference in your life. Love from kids is unconditional. When you are with your kids, and when you are not in a good mental condition, their laughter and smiles and their love for you can act as a rejuvenating medicine to cope up the bad situation and helps you to work even better for future.

Gain good friends. Good friends are leaning pillars when you tend to fall down. Good support and love from your friends can put you out of stress.

Follow religious ideas in the true sense. Religion must be looked upon as a medium for increasing our self confidence and mental balance. Always have a thought that the Superior one will take care of you always. Fear of God will prevent us from doing wrong.

Regular prayer – Prayer should not be limited to ritualistic manner, but should be widened to develop the soul.

Believe that what you dream will come to pass, even though situations do not allow. Belief has such a spectacular strength that it makes almost all of your dreams come to the pass. So believe, believe and keep on believing.

Try to do your duty (even regular household-chores) in a high spirit.

Never underestimate any work.

Treat co-beings with high respect, whether it be your child. Self- respect is not something which is a ‘my factor’. Understand the fact that every human has self-respect. So try not to hurt the other person’s self- respect.

Open your mind to new ideas. Adapt your mind in attaining new ideas and knowledge. Knowledge helps you to go on further in your life successfully. Gain knowledge from all available sources.

Always remain a student in life. It helps you to develop yourself. Join new courses and make yourself up to date.

Listen to music.

Learn music. It relaxes you a lot.

Never allow yourself in arguments. Mental pressure can rise if you put yourself in any arguments. Keep your cool and remain quiet.

Talk about your views calmly. Never shout and express your thoughts. Do not make matters worse by shouting.

Smile when you are down.

Help others when you are in deep trouble.

Develop a good relationship with your parents and siblings. Parents and siblings are a good source of energy to your mind. When you are completely desperate or depressed, you can either ring up your parents or siblings, or you can personally meet them. Talk to them openly. Remove all clutters from mind.

Never look back and try to find faults in your past.

Always look forward for a bright future.

And most important of all, a Pleasant mind makes all things possible.

Positivity is contagious

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