Leading A Healthy Life

Dr. Purushothaman
June 6, 2014

Health is an important factor which  keeps man live his life to the fullest. It is easy to talk about being healthy. But when it comes to the practical part , most of us take lame excuses from doing  necessary steps.

Yes, today we live definitely , in a health conscious society. I remember the society 10 years before, where health and being fit only concerns the people in the show bizz. Going to gym is a regular activity of today's world. Drinking green tea and sugar substitutes is a must now. People take in honey and fruit juices to remain fit and slim. Still we find  people who making excuses for not indulging in a healthy lifestyle, due to the lack of sufficient time.  “If there is a will, there is( always)a way”.You definitely can make time…well every human being has only 24 hours.  If we want time, we can get it. All you have to do is be “Early to bed and early to rise.”

Beginning the day..

Getting up early solves most of our problems regarding lack of time for exercise and making ourselves free from regular thoughts.The cool atmosphere will make you feel  free and energetic.

“Lose an hour in the morning, and you will be all day hunting for it.”-Richard Whately.

The very thought of the cool dawn makes an energy gush into us all of a sudden. This energy makes our whole day wonderful and energetic. Getting up late  makes us more weary and tired, and will ruin the whole day as we have to  rush in to  compensate for  the lost hours.

Health,  can be maintained by being with nature. Well ofcourse, if we are nature lovers, then it is easy to remain healthy. A walk in the morning with the fresh air and the sweet scent of flowers, the very sight of the greenery and the calm atmosphere will definitely rejuvenate you for the rest of the day. It would be also pleasing to your soul, if you love gardening . Watering your plants, early in the morning makes our mind healthy. It is said that green cools your mind, and ofcourse if a person loves gardening, then he can be as healthy as a person who does regular exercise. Gardening is ofcourse another form of exercise.

Thinking better..

Early morning thoughts are really strong enough to control us the rest of the day.  These thoughts are so strong that we are lead by it. Morning thoughts can be made positive by beginning our day with a small prayer before our regular exercise, or pray while you exercise. Make positive energy swarm you up . Always think that nothing is impossible. Never drive your mind to past failures and heartbreaking incidents, as they can make you worn out.

Always have a strong belief in mind that you will get what you want, and that no one can stop you from chasing your dreams. If you are not having the right opportunity or favourable situation, never drown yourself in negative thoughts that you are a good –for-nothing, and that no good will happen for you.

Dreams once planted in your mind will definitely come to pass when the person knowingly or unknowingly chases it. Nothing is impossible for a true dreamer. So dream bigger during the dawn when energy is at its peak.

Thoughts make up or ruin a person. It is certain that when a person always thinks that he is going to face a danger , then he will be having a tough time in his life. Being happy and positive makes life pleasant and easy going. Better thinking is necessary for a healthy life.

Doing something with a negative attitude should be thus avoided.

Eating healthy….
Eating healthy is not really sticking on to any strict nutrition philosophies, or depriving yourself of the food you love the most, and make yourself abnormally thin. If you are not under any medical treatment or any strict diet prescribed by your doctor, then you can follow some easy steps to remain healthy by eating your favourite food..ofcourse with the minimum intake. You can even increase your choice of food so that you can make yourself pleasant during eating time. Avoid the same kind of menu every day.  Hunt in for variety food that is healthy.

Most of us have this bad habit of skipping the breakfast if we are in a hurry to the office. This sure has to be avoided. Breakfast does this wonderful magic of transforming you to an energy bank for  the whole day .

Begin your day with a mix of fruits,  a fruit salad or a mixed fruit juice.  A cup of oats can do the rest of the magic during the breakfast, with the regular bread toast or your favourite ones.

Eating what you like makes you feel better. It creates a happiness which you cannot explain. Pampering the taste buds enlightens and heightens the mind. Hunt in for some really tasty food each time you cook.

Make sure that laziness doesn’t eat you up after returning from your job. After a tough day, most of us prefer junk food or fast food. If you are tired and when you are tired to even think of cooking food, just banish that thought…get up and have a bath..this can make you feel wonderful. Freshen up yourself and think about the good things in life. Divert your thoughts to positivity. Soon you will find yourself cooking your favourite food. We must also make it a point to cook healthy ones. Cut short the oil content. Dab the extra oil out of the fried ones with a tissue…that sure is a healthy habit.

Overcooking of food leads to loss of the vitamins and minerals in the veggies. Salads are a better option for beginning any meal. It would be preferable if you take in a sufficient quantity of veggies in your menu. Lessen the quantity of your regular menu and increase the greens.

Include deep coloured fruits and vegetables, as they contain the  higher quantities of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants required for your body.

Snaking is preferable if you just grab in a handful of dried fruits or nuts with a small cup of low fat milk. Coffee lovers can exchange their coffee to tea.

Avoid eating in front of the television, for this can lead to overeating. Eat slowly. Gulping your food can make you take in a lot of food than required. Pour in a lot of water into your stomach..it helps you in many ways. If you feel hungry at odd times, try checking it out by drinking a glass of water to check whether you are thirsty or hungry. Eat in small quantities. It makes you feel good and energetic. Consuming huge amount of food can pull you back from your work and keep you lethargic.

Try eating sweet vegetables like carrots, corn and sweet potatoes to fill in the sweet cravings which tempts you more often.


Avoid certain food that promote weight gain like potatoes, sweetened beverages, red meat, pastries,processed flour ,and packet food.Eating late at night should also be avoided, as it helps a lot in gaining weight.

Whatever you eat, try eating home- made food. Never opt for any kind of fast food.

Work while you work….

Worship your work then success will come to you.  Work with passion is a sign of a healthy and energetic person. It is definitely difficult if you are doing what you do not like. Love your work then it will be difficult for you to sit idly.

Whether it be a work which you hate the most. For example, some people love to cook well..they do it passionately, while they hate to fold the dried clothes. While you do the folding and arrangement of the dried clothes, think that this is your favourite one. Things get well when you program your mind in such a way that you like what you do, even if it is cleaning your toilet.

Unfortunately,most people don’t enjoy their work. They do it for the doing sake. They think it is a means for earning money. After one or two years, the spirit of working lowers and the person feels he is acting like a puppet. Unless and until you love your work, it is totally difficult for you to excel in any field. It is very easy to say “Do what you like”, or “Go for it man, chase your dream”. But it is sometimes difficult when it comes to your job. Innovation also is needed to develop your work. Sometimes, the usual work might need a twist here and a turn there, and a little bit of fresh thoughts to make it look great.

Do your work with such passion that you must set an example for others to be positive and energetic at the work place.Always be prepared to face difficult situations with the same energy and vigour as you are in an easy situation.

Put a positive thought in your mind that you will get what you want ‘if you do your present job with the full satisfaction and passion.

Play while you play..

Using your leisure time plays a vital role in your life, as it gives the energy for the next day’s routine. Maybe an outing with your family can give you such huge amount of energy that you find yourself fresh and enthusiastic and ready for any situation or any hard work. In order to gain a healthy body, the mind also has to be relaxed.

Indulge yourself in your favourite sport activities, and make it a point to go for an outting, for even the mind needs to be healthy a like the body.

Books were once man’s best friend. Reading is a good habit which most people lack today. Kids are not trained to read books, since computers have taken its place. Playing games and surfing in net are the popular likings of even adults.

A peaceful evening with a book in the is my favourite option. Though busy schedules doesn’t allow us to even read a newspaper, I must say reading soothes the mind to a very extent. The peace and joy which a book gives you , cannot be explained in mere words.

Being healthy does not mean only eating healthy food and doing regular exercise. It also means that the person should do his work well, take good rest, indulge in extra activities, and most of all be early to bed and early to rise.

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