Leading A Positive Life

Dr. Purushothaman
June 6, 2014

Positive thinking is a way to succeed  in life. Most people lack this  wonderful  quality which ultimately reach in attaining success. Success,  is something which a person needs not only in one’s carrier, but also in one’s personal life.
No matter how strong we are in mind, we find ourselves trapped in  one or the other tricky situations, which might lead to a lot of stress. Stress has its own position in today’s life. Both man and woman ,  even small children experience stress in one way or the other. Speed has affected the official life that work is literally based on time-limit. In order to complete work before the allotted time, people undergo a lot of stress. Financial problems  in family grows negative thinking. Extra-marital affairs also lead to a lot of stress in one’s life, and the thought of losing the partner to someone else makes the other’s life miserable. Mind when indulged in problems, will not be able to work properly . Hence it is advisable to train our mind to handle such situations with a positive attitude.

Positivity does not come all at once. One must train his mind to positive thinking. There are a lot of methods to train our mind to positive thinking.

·         Read pleasant books.

·         Hear positive ideas.

·         Talk in a positive manner.

·         Appreciate the good works of other people.

·         Love your partner whole-heartedly.

·         Make your kids believe that they are the main preference in your life.

·         Gain good friends.

·         Follow  religious ideas in the true  sense.

·         Regular prayer – Prayer should not be limited to ritualistic manner, but should be widened to develop  the soul.

·         Believe that what you dream will come to pass, even though situations do not allow.

·         Try to do your duty (even regular household-chores ) in a high spirit.

·         Never underestimate any work.

·         Treat co-beings with high respect, whether it be your child.

·         Open your mind to new ideas.

·         Always remain a student in life. It helps you to develop yourself.

·         Listen to music.

·         Learn music. It relaxes you a lot.

·         Never allow yourself in arguments.

·         Talk about your views calmly.

·         Smile when you are down.

·         Help others when you are in deep trouble.

·         Develop a good relationship with your parents and siblings.

·         Never look back and try to find faults in your past.

·          Always look forward for a bright future.

·      And most important of all, a Pleasant mind makes all things possible.

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