Kundalini Meditation: Feel the Power

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Dr. Purushothaman
January 23, 2014


Kundalini meditation is, to put it simply, Buddhist meditation to an almost excessive degree. Yet unlike other types of excess, this form of spiritual release and empowerment is actually good for you.
Kundalini meditation draws its power from the base of the spine; indeed, the embodiment of this meditative form is envisioned as a coil of power that unravels from deep within you. Many practitioners report that a single session of Kundalini meditation will produce a divine feeling of ultimate personal empowerment; one unrivalled and unduplicated in this hurried, hard driving world, where many people are made to feel less than the sum of who they are.
Sure, you could try a multitude of other lifestyle practices that deliver a feeling of ultimate power. You could broker a big business deal, seek a raise or a promotion at work, spend a wad of cash on a fast, high-powered car, or assume leadership of a local club or organization-perhaps even start one of your own, that pertains to your interests and your strengths as a person.
While all of these activities may yield the power that you desire, and may indeed be worthwhile additions to your already busy life and lifestyle, they are just that: additions. Any single one of these activities-and especially any combination thereof-will put stress and strain on your life, and perhaps on your pocketbook. This is not to say, certainly, that you should not pursue the profession of your dreams, seek a position of leadership in your favorite organization, or buy the fast car of your dreams.
Yet if all you seek is an enhanced feeling of sublime personal power, you certainly have other options; the first and foremost being Kundalini meditation.
This form of meditation leaves you with a feeling of increased energy and divine self-worth. After just one session you will feel more confident, more empowered, basically ready to take on the world.
So if you do decide to pursue a long-held personal goal, be it the attainment of a raise or promotion, the purchase of a luxury item, the pursuit of a particular leadership position, etc., the practice of Kundalini meditation can facilitate that goal.
If not, then you still stand to benefit from the process and practice of Kundalini meditation; a form of meditation that unleashes the ultimate personal power, restoring your energy and making you feel capable of doing anything.
All forms of meditation can produce feelings of increased personal power. Yet Kundalini meditation is designed specifically to uncoil the strength that lies within; to bring out the 'beast' in you, but in a positive, affirming manner.
Discover Kundalini meditation today and unleash your inner power. A whole new world awaits you.
About the Author
Rasmus Lindgren has practiced meditation for several years. You can read more about Kundalini Meditation on his website. He has also created a free course in Buddhist Meditation targeted at beginners.

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