Knowing If It Is An Unhealthy Relationship

Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014


It is natural for relationships to have struggles along the way. It is not always sunny everyday where both partners will have the same opinion on everything. There can be a few things that one might be against while the other is agreeable on that matter. These challenges actually not only test the strength of how a relationship is going but they can also be viewed as a positive trial. However, there are situations in which the partnership does not bring out the best in each other. This article will give tips on how to know if what you have is an unhealthy relationship.
A person should ask themselves if they are happy with the current condition of their love life. By answering the question, they can have a sense of what they really want in their life. An assessment on what causes their response would be a start for them to organize their thoughts. If a person is not happy, then why stay in an unhealthy relationship? The person needs to confront their thoughts and make a final decision about staying in the relationship.
Respect is essential for every human being, more so when it comes from your partner. It is a right that keeps us congenial with others. Even if a person is only a friend, girlfriend or husband, no one has the ability to disregard respect. If your other half does not have honest respect for your family and friends, needs, privacy and other aspects, then he has a problem. You should find out whether he needs something from you such as in the context of affection, work or other areas of your life together.
Violence in any form, whether physical, emotional or psychological, is still violence. Every person needs to know their own rights even if it is your spouse who is the perpetrator. Afflicting physical cruelty is punishable by law and no one should tolerate it. It can even result in death for some people because they have suffered a lot of injuries over time. Sexual violation is also an issue in some relationships and should never be tolerated. Such an unhealthy relationship can be very damaging.
A partner should have equal treatment when it comes to physical needs and decision making. Food, shelter, clothing and other amenities in life should be decisions that are shared. When both partners are not involved in decision making, there will almost always be conflict in the relationship.
Remember that it is not only physical violence but anything spoken can also hurt a person's feelings and must not be tolerated. This can result in an abusive relationship that will not work for either partner. Each one must not be taken for granted and everyone should have a say in the relationship. Both people must be valued and never taken for granted by their partner for a healthy relationship.
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