Know the Constituents of Workplace Harassment for Safe Stay

Dr. Purushothaman
December 5, 2013

Are you ill-treated by your boss? Do your co-workers and peers leave you offensive mails after work? Is your colleague hitting on you regularly? All such instances are abnormal and constitute workplace harassment in the lead. Now you might be pondering over what else constitutes of harassment at workplace. Harassment covers a wide range of behavioral form which includes verbal, non-verbal, written and physical abuse. It is essential to avoid such abusive occurrences and act safely upon situations.

Workplace harassment constitutes of multiple form. Whether a co-worker invades in your work performance or promotes unpleasant environment at work, all of such instances are a part and parcel of harassment at workplace. It is essential to recognize the signs of harassment at an early stage so that there is least conflict later. Suppose, a co-worker tries and interfere into your performance at work by overriding you through unethical means, then you must be extra careful. To protect your position at work, you must cautiously act and resist such interferences from the co-workers. If you are victimized by any such sort of harassment, it is necessary to raise voice and offend such behavioral pattern.

Sexual harassment receives major attention, though other forms of harassment are neglected. Well, all sort of harassment are equally offensive and must be resisted. Age or racial discrimination, religious affiliation, etc are all forms of harassment at workplace. If you are victimized by any of such forms, it is essential to offend. You cannot afford to sit back and not take a decisive action towards ill-treatment at office. Such harassment might build-up bitterness among employees and affect your overall performance. So, prevent harassment which invade your performance at work.

It often gets difficult to understand and prove harassment. If you feel harassed by a supervisor or a senior, place an action into ultimate affect so that it doesn't extend later. Before your position at job is highly affected, you must take an action to stop such advances. Remember, if you stand right and take action timely, then you positively bring encouraging wibes to those who are often victimized to such occurrences.

Workplace harassment is common across the globe. So, organizations must ask employees to abide by strict harassment prevention regulations. They must handle unbiasedly any such cases reported by the employees. The employees must also be educated through training sessions which informs them about what constitutes of sexual harassment. It generates and facilitates respect among the employees for each other.

A calm and composed working environment is a boom to company's prosperity. Any sort of unethical behavior on the part of the employees can prove to be detrimental to the company's growth. Ethics at workplace must be maintained at its best so that there are limited harassment cases reported. If you want to avoid any sort of harassing factor at workplace, educate yourself and stay safe. Do not neglect unwanted advances of co-workers and seniors at the workplace since it is engraved as a major part of human exploitation. Be cautious towards how boundaries of respect can be maintained at the workplace and major harassing factors can be avoided.

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