Kick The Habit – The Deadly Effects Of Smoking For Idiots…

Dr. Purushothaman
January 12, 2014


It's an unfortunate but very much proven fact, that for those that like to do it and for those that don't, smoking is a total health and life destroyer - so if a person wants to live a comfortable health-filled life, then that person would definitely need to kick the habit ASAP.
It may surprise you to know that even though everyone nowadays should know about the risks [some have even suffered personal experience] associated with smoking, there are hardly any that have a complete understanding of all the exact and acknowledged negative effects.
Surely it's got to be practically impossible that anybody anywhere on our entire planet doesn't know that smoking is bad for them!
Let's begin with a few 'minor' [though none really are] ill-effects;

Your breath is monstrous.

Your have the wreak of stale tobacco smoke on you all the time.

You're poisoning the air all over endangering all the non-smokers around you - counting your loved ones.

It costs a small fortune to keep feeding your addiction.

Smoking prematurely ages our skin - because of the usually more delicate composition of their skin, women are particularly prone to this. It dries and wrinkles the skin, especially around the mouth. I'm sure you've seen it heaps of times.

There's a pumped up production of chesty phlegm and of course the ever-present and well known smokers cough - actually caused by the onset of lung destruction.

There's also the wholly more serious health issues associated with smoking;

Damage done to your lungs while smoking will without doubt only get worse and all because of inhaling tar, small bits of tobacco and carbon monoxide which subsequently causes breathing difficulties and for many will cause a complete loss of physical mobility.

How do you feel about spending the rest of your now shortened life on an oxygen bottle - sound appealing to you? I've seen this more than once, it can be heart-breaking to experience and it certainly doesn't appeal to me!

Lung Cancer

Various other cancers - caused by cancerous cells being circulated via your blood. All your inner organs are at risk. You intensify the risk of cancer developing in your pancreas, kidneys, urinary tract and your bladder.

Mouth Cancer - this is in fact a very familiar cause of death to smokers and chewers of tobacco alike.

Throat Cancer - ditto as for mouth cancer.

Heart Disease - caused by a severe nicotine content transferred from cigarettes to your blood which subsequently causes the constriction of your blood vessels which then means a bigger effort is needed by your heart - the proverbial double whammy because your heart will now need extra oxygen to be able to cope with the added work, which your lungs will now not be able to supply!.

I have no doubt that you must now know and understand that the incredibly destructive effects of smoking are many and varying and I've also no doubt that you've already been experiencing some of those effects described here and you're feeling less healthy than you previously used to.
On the positive side, it's NEVER too late, make the decision to quit right now - you can't go wrong!
In summary; smoking can and does cripple and kill many people in many different ways. You need to stop ASAP and even though you're bound to find it a little tough at first, being able to kick the habit is much easier than you think - YOU ONLY HAVE TO WANT TO!
Quitting smoking naturally, speedily, and permanently isn't and has never been about overly complicated systems and/or poisonous pills and patches - it's all about simplicity, a little bit of will-power and some genuine tried and tested tobacco-quitting knowledge.

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