Keeping Good Relationship

Dr. Purushothaman
June 6, 2014

Building up relationships is easy compared to maintaining a good relationship. Any relationship has got its ups and downs, good times and bad times. Maintaining relationship is not a Herculean task. But the desire to maintain a relationship should be strong in one’s mind or else when things aren’t working well, it would not be easy to be fixed.
In order to maintain a good relationship, it is necessary that you show your partner that you care and not that you spend money or time on them.

Any problem has a solution. So does the problems regarding relationships. It can be solved if you are willing to solve it. Small gestures of love are the ways of solving your problems.

Turning back to the past, you can find that while beginning your relationship, you were in a comfort zone, where both the partners were happy to share, sacrifice and apologize at the right time. As time roll by, the usual sharing, sacrificing and apologizing factors in us lessen. We get bored in seeing the same old face every day. This would end up in an unhappy relationship where problems are quick to develop.

Try to understand that two people in a relationship have two different characters. The way of showing concern is different or the way of tackling a situation is different. No two people are made alike. Understanding this fact or truth can minimize a lot of problems.

Be initiative. It is wise to be initiative in any relationship. If you want something to happen, never put it on the shoulders of the next person. Do it yourself. If you want the house to be neat and tidy, stop blaming your partner. Help your partner while cleaning or take the initiative to do so. If you want the book on the table at a particular angle, stop shouting at your wife. God has given you two hands. Go ahead and place it in the right position.

Share responsibilities. Is it necessary that a single person alone take all the responsibilities while the other sits aside relaxing or watching television? Give a helping hand to your spouse while she is cooking. Take turns to drop kids to school, and paying bills. Reducing pressure from the partner’s shoulders creates a lot of love and concern for you. Clean the house without fussing or shouting. It helps your partner to relax and lets them know that you care.

Showing concern to your partner. Being courteous to your partner makes the person understand and feel that you think of them. Simple courtesies shown to other people in your life can be applicable to your partner too. This instills love and concern for you from your partner.

Keep your partner happy if he/she had a bad day. Compensate for that bad thing with the good ones that you offer. You can prepare their favorite dishes for the meal and pamper them with positive thoughts. Through these gestures, your partner is made to know how much you respect and care for their feelings. This helps to make the relationship strong and beautiful. As it is said in an old Swedish proverb, “Shared joy is a double joy; Shared sorrow is a half sorrow.”

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