Just Be Happy

Dr. Purushothaman
January 18, 2014


In this day and age, most people complain they have little to be happy about. They feel that they do not have the time or the luxury to be happy. There are so many things left to do. There is worrying about work, how to attain basic needs like food and shelter, pay the monthly bills and mortgages, health issues, relationship qualms and other more important matters. It is what others call survival. It is the primal defense we humans do to survive these unforgiving and highly competitive jungle we now call the society.
With all these things said, it is no wonder most of us assume that happiness is connected to having money. That money and happiness are directly proportional with each other- that if somehow, we have and miraculously attain money, then we will be well- happier. And without it, we will feel wronged and sad.
Money, riches, fame and fortune. They all seem to be rolled into that dream. It is the kind of life- that life we see celebrities, socialites and rich people live.  I want to be a billionaire so freaking bad.. as one song says.
But is this really the case. Can income and more dollars in the bank account guarantee a more fruitful and happy existence. Think again. Exhibit one: celebrities. Think of all the famous celebrities we know of. Are they really happy? Most are .Seems like it. As most of us will say. But do not just base these assumptions on pictures of tabloids and magazines you see of them. Look beyond the fade they have created for the public eye. How many have we heard falling into divorce, alcohol problems as well as other vices? How many of them we have heard take sleeping pills because they cannot sleep and some even have chronic depressions up to the point of taking or ending their own lives?
Do not get me wrong. They do not have a bad life. In fact they are better off than most of us are. I am also not saying that money or riches is evil and we should just settle for mediocrity and die depriving ourselves. All I am saying is happiness is subjective. Always has been and always will. It is not what people have but what they perceive about what they have that counts. It is how we feel that matters. Even if we have only a few dollars on our wallet, yet we still see that we are still rich with family and friends who love and support us, then we still feel lucky and blessed. However, even if you are part of Forbes riches and powerful people yet still feel empty and nothing seems to be of value anymore, then miserable is what you will end up. So do not condition yourself to be happy with the buts, ifs and maybes. Then your happiness will not be dependent as what will or will not happen. You are happy because you choose to. You are happy now, not later or tomorrow. Just be happy. Period.

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