Is a Life Coaching Career for You?

Dr. Purushothaman
January 14, 2014


Whenever it comes to the career that you are going to choose, you have an almost endless variety of choices that are in front of you. For some people, however, a life coaching career is one that holds out the promise of something that is very satisfying and at the same time, is going to be able to take care of their material needs as well. Just because something is going to be available for you does not necessarily mean, however, that you should take part in it. A life coaching career is one that is going to require a specific type of person if they expect to be able to succeed in it.
The first thing that is going to be required of you if you plan on being a life coach of any sort is that you are going to have to be trustworthy. Most often, you are going to be working with individuals on a one on one basis and there may be times whenever they need to be able to trust you with very intimate details about their life. If they cannot have full and complete trust in you as a person, you are not going to be able to succeed as a life coach and to give them what they really need in order to succeed for themselves.
Something else that you may want to keep in mind is the fact that a life coach needs to direct somebody by gently guiding them, not by forcibly pushing them in the right direction. Most people that come to a life coach will do so because they are trying to build self-esteem for a number of different reasons. Perhaps they are with you because they want to be better at their work or a healthier individual or perhaps even have a more satisfying family life. Regardless of why it is that they have come to you, however, they are going to have to make changes to the person they are on the inside or at least allow that person to shine through on the outside. Unless you can guide them in that direction gently, you will not be able to be successful.
A life coaching career is one that you are going to be taking on out of passion, both passion for people and a passion for yourself and the feeling of satisfaction that it gives you when you help other people succeed. You need to be able to step into the background and allow the person that you are helping to really shine through as an individual. Even though it may be your strength that is helping them at first, you must never allow them to feel as if you are in some way stronger or superior to them. A life coaching career requires somewhat of a humble attitude, but that attitude comes with rewards that are greater than what many people are able to receive with any other job.

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