Intuition and Your Divine Purpose

Dr. Purushothaman
November 27, 2013


What is Intuition and Your Divine Purpose?
We all have heard the saying listen to your gut. This is intuition in case you don't know, where does it come from? I believe that it is a part of the infinite intelligence, just the same as part of the sub-conscious mind. Many great thinkers have said that their thoughts came from else were.
Maybe your views on Divine Purpose are different, that's awesome. Seriously I love listening to other peoples views on this
Anyway after traveling around this world and seeing a lot of crazy shit, good and bad, and experiencing a lot of different things than most people. I have come to believe that each of us has a ability or power that we excel at. This is our Divine Purpose, and by listening to our intuition we can find out what it is exactly.
Basically what I'm saying here is listen to your heart more. Listen less to your head, and more importantly listen less to other people. You may be surprised what happens when you listen to intuition, your divine purpose may suddenly appear. It's in that moment of inspiration when you will get it. By living against the grain and letting your intuition guide you, your divine purpose will typically become crystal clear.
Have you ever experienced a time in your life were something just felt right?
Intuition and Your Divine Purpose
You were in the zone and just knew that is exactly what you were supposed to be doing?
Maybe you are getting that feeling right now as you read these words, and suddenly you have an epiphany and know what your divine purpose is. It could be writing, it could be a sport, music, whatever it is you love to do is what it is. I love to inspire, I love to write, I love to travel. But for some Divine Purpose could be something like being a loving parent. The world needs you and all sorts of people with different loves and passions.
Can you imagine a world in which everyone got paid to live their passion. If everyone listened to their intuition and followed their Divine purpose? Imagine the value that would be in the world.
This is all just a thought, but I think it's some pretty good thinking.
What I really want to do is encourage you to listen to your heart, or intuition. Forget what others think or say, you have a divine purpose and it's your right to live it.
Its supposed to be fun, all of it. Listen to your intuition more, find your divine purpose and start doing more of what you love.
I'm telling you when you start following your heart and living with passion the wealth will come naturally, it's just the way it works. Now that you have read this sit, and think for a while, think about what you love and go do it. And don't take your life so serious, its all one big adventure and you need to go live it.

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