An Introduction To Wellbeing And What It Can Do For You!

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Dr. Purushothaman
September 7, 2014

There are some buzz words out there that are really hard to fathom, but others kind of tell you what they stand for without any ambiguity. Well-being is one of these phrases; it means the condition that we are in. High well-being means that we are in good health, whilst low well-being means the opposite. In order for us to achieve a level of high well-being, we need to look after ourselves in many ways. Self-indulgence doesn't always mean feasting on ice cream and chocolates. There are healthy ways to keep ourselves in a state of harmony. You need to be in a good place spiritually and mentally before your well-being attains a satisfying quality.
Don't Be Too Busy

It may be unavoidable to be stuck in a busy and hectic lifestyle, but we have to work to survive in this world. You should be able to take some time out, whatever the time restrictions you have created for yourself.

What Are Your Pleasures?

You need to identify the things that make you feel special. We are all individuals and it should be a personal choice, no matter how trivial it may seem to others. Once you have made a list of the things that turn you on, you can start to introduce these back into your life. If you have difficulty identifying these things you should ask yourself what it is that you love about life. Write these down and then ask yourself what it is about yourself that you really love. Do not be shy about this and above all, be honest to yourself. When you have done this, you can put both lists next to each other and have a close look. You should be able to make a connection between these qualities and preferences.
Special Times

The connections you have made will let you know what you really love about life and yourself. You can now identify the special things out there and make plans to include these in your lifestyle. Be sensible and calculate which of these choices are realistic for you. Try and let yourself indulge in the most accessible pleasure first and maybe on a frequent basis. As soon as you start to enjoy these treats, your well-being will start to rise.

Some Suggestions

We are all individuals and that goes for our tastes and needs, but there are a few common grounds that may appeal to most of us. Here is a small wish list of indulgences that may help you to choose:

- A regular spa treatment – this can be in a swish resort or just some home treatments.
- Start a new class – It could be massage, cookery or even a new language skill.
- Learn how to fly a glider, or take diving lessons – get out of your comfort zone!
- Start doing regular work for your favorite charity.
- Think about your favorite spectator sport and start to watch your favorite teams again.
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