Introduction to Total Mind Body Fitness

Dr. Purushothaman
January 16, 2014


My name is Leo Ferro and I am a normal, average person just like you. My driving passion is to be able to assist and motivate people of all walks of life to reach their individual God given potential. This potential can be manifested in your life in many ways. I have come to the realization, in my 50 years here on earth, that in creating a harmonic link between mind and body you are able to physically create your own reality. Not as an observer but rather a willing and active participant.
I consider myself more than just a personal fitness trainer but rather a life coach to advise and guide you to a new you. A more empowered and creative you. I hand you the keys to a brand new existence one of control and consistent forward progress.
The reason I am so assured by my statements is because what I have been able to assist in accomplishing in others and what I myself lived through in my own personal transformation. I am a personal advisor that teaches and points the way so that you can decode the secrets to life and most importantly to you inner passions and purpose.
I will show you how you can re-wire your mind to think a more positive and powerful way. If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.
Release you from negative and limiting beliefs that have only held you back from accomplishing your goals and reaching your potential. I am able to simply remove these so called obstacles so that you can move freely through your chosen path of happiness,
Fulfillment and joy.
I am going to assume that we all will agree with the statement that my best thinking up to now has gotten me to the present circumstance in my life. I will also assume that you will all agree that if we choose to continue to thing and react to life in the same way we will continue in the same exact path. And of course achieving the same results that we have been conditioned to accept and expect.
If you have reached a point in your life when you are just tired of feeling run down, unmotivated, depressed, and anxious. If the person you see looking back at you from the mirror is not what you ever imagined for yourself then it is time to wake up and take action.
Understand this is no hype it doesn't benefit me in the least if you choose to remain sitting falling asleep in your comfortable recliner just watching and wishing as life passes you by. Or if you choose and decide to grab a hold of the golden rings and pull yourself up. Remember you have a life that you have been blessed with. My purpose and passion is to serve you by showing and assisting you to reach above the sky and embrace all the endless possibilities of what you can actually accomplish.
Take the ACTION today and contact me. What do you have to lose, but your old tired self? This is my testimonial. I have walked the talk and I am living breathing proof that whatever, I repeat whatever you conceive if you truly believe can be achieved.
Simple changes make all the difference in the world. I have learned that it doesn't need to be a struggle to achieve the Health and Fitness you deserve. All it takes is a CHOICE.
Make your Health the number one priority in your life. If not for yourself do it for your loved ones.

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