Inner Awakening Meditation Retreat

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Dr. Purushothaman
October 5, 2013

A meditation retreat is a program designed specifically to develop the awareness and consciousness of an individual. Many of us lead largely unconscious lives not knowing what we are doing or why we are doing it. This leads to the same problems and conflicts again and again as our lack of awareness becomes a repeated habit.
Through meditation we become more aware of the many thoughts and emotions going on inside of us that are influencing our actions. In this way we become more aware of how the quality of our thoughts and emotions actually shape our outer world reality. A meditation retreat provides a tested process and supportive environment for individuals to focus on redesigning their habits towards more conscious living. It also acts to remove the daily reinforcers that cause anxiety and other depression symptoms.
The 21-day meditation retreat Inner Awakening( with Paramahamsa Nithyananda utilizes processes of kundalini yoga and the science of chakras to redesign the life and experience of participants. Each participant of the meditation retreat will experience deeply the path to living life free of anxiety and other depression symptoms. The unique and highly-energized atmosphere of the Nithyananda Ashram (temple grounds) is a unique and powerful environment designed to immerse participants in the experience of kundalini yoga. Furthermore, 21 days provide the necessary time period to effectively drop or create any habit deeply in the system so it can be maintained as a beneficial lifestyle and in turn transmitted to others.
Kundalini yoga is practiced daily at Inner Awakening which immediately reduces depression symptoms and anxiety. Depression symptoms such as obesity, stress, low mood, low energy, and anxiety are also directly addressed through processes to cleanse the chakras. Nithyananda guides participants through intense processes that illuminate emotions as they are governed by chakra energy centers. This allows participants to apply their experience beyond the 21-day meditation retreat and share their learning with others.
There are many types of meditation retreats but Inner Awakening is unique for several reasons. First, Paramahamsa Nithyananda is a rare enlightened master who transmits the highest timeless truths to participants in a simplest-to-understand way.
Second, the atmosphere of Nithyananda Ashram is designed from thousands of years of research and development on how to best utilize the science of kundalini yoga.
Third, recent research has confirmed a 1300% increase in mitochondria cell energy in Inner Awakening participants. This enormous figure has never been seen by modern science and is resulting in miraculous physical, mental, and spiritual healing in all participants. This healing system seems to be limitless in its benefits to participants and those with whom participants share their learning.

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