Implement Corporate Wellness Program Successfully

Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014


With the advancement of the technology, the workload in the corporate companies has increased to a large extent. Employees are finding least time to concentrate on wellbeing of the health. In the wake of addressing the employee wellbeing, many corporate companies are organizing corporate wellbeing programs. This automatically helped in boosting the fitness of their employees and in turn making a good contribution to the business growth. Apart from helping you to protect the health of your employees, these corporate wellbeing programs will help you in reducing the health insurance premium of your company. If you are looking to organize corporate wellness program in your organization, continue reading the article.
You should always take an informed decision when you wanted to organize health and wellbeing programs in your organization. Know different types of corporate fitness programs available to choose the program that fits in your requirements.
Some corporate programs concentrate on improving the physical fitness of the employees and screening the health issues. They motivate the employee to do regular exercise, quit smoking, and lose weight. They conduct a health camp occasionally to identify the risks associated with employee health and suggest precautionary measure before they reach critical point.
Apart from physical health of the employees is also very important for the wellbeing of the organization. If you want your employees to stay away from the stress, you can organize the health and wellness program that aims at teaching the employees stress management techniques. With these programs, the employees at your organization will learn anger management, family counseling and financial management in life.
Another type of wellness program concentrates on the facilities provided by the corporate company to protect the health of the employees and this is known as corporate wellness assessments. They make sure that the corporate offer healthy food to the employees. Fruits and nuts are replaced with chips and sodas available in the organization. Encourage the employees to walk or exercise in the company's gym by offering incentives.
After choosing the desired health and wellbeing program for your company, you should draw out an effective strategy to implement the program successfully. You should formally introduce the wellness programs to the employees and notify them the benefits of attending this corporate wellness program. You have to tell them how the company is concerned about employees health. You should communicate the program throughout the office through effective strategies while explaining the benefits.
To motivate the employee participation in the corporate wellness program, you can conduct a survey in the organization and know the best time to schedule the program. You can offer flexible work timings to the employees that participate in the wellness program. You can even encourage them to participate in the health and wellness program by offering incentives. This may not cost you more, even small incentive ideas like discount on health insurance, gift certificates to healthy restaurants, emergency kits and water bottles. Apart from all the above, you need to accesses the satisfaction of the employees by evaluating success of the program.
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