Hypnotic Habits Review and Bonuses

Dr. Purushothaman
January 10, 2014


Nowadays, there's a pill for everything ranging from how to lower your blood pressure to how to get an erection.
While these advances in science and technology certainly are interesting and in some cases, have improved the quality of people's lives, the reality is that much of it is causing us to self destruct because we are moving further and further away from our natural states of existence.
In today's world, to get even a fraction of the exercise that people did in primitive times, we have to actually set aside a block of time to visit a facility where we can run on a treadmill.
In others words, where as years ago, people were physically active for most of the day and rested for just a little time, today we rest for most of the day and set aside an hour or so for exercise. And that's assuming you actually do exercise.
It's no wonder that losing weight remains a consistent problem for so many people.
And why regardless of all the great advances in technology and science and all of the so called "miracle discoveries" that obesity levels are at an all time high.
And further more why even with people being more knowledgeable than ever about the benefits of exercise and food choices, this epidemic still exists.
And what's really alarming is the fact that the very thing that we are relying on to save us (advances in technology and science) is actually what's hurting us even more.
Whether you choose to believe it or not, nearly every single product aimed at losing weight without diet and exercise is simply pure nonsense. It was something created with the intent to mislead the public into believing they can lose weight the "easy" way with the sole purpose of generating fast profits and making the manufacturer filthy rich.
And every single diet that involves food changes for just a short period of time, is just a waste of time because the minute you resume your "normal" eating habits, the weight comes right back.
The only way to create any sort of lasting change in anyone is to change the way they think on a subconscious level so they can then think and behave in way that that will yield a certain result.
This applies to both positive and negative change. If a person continues to smoke when they consciously know it's not healthy for them, it's because subconsciously they have a belief that counters the conscious belief.
Perhaps subconsciously they feel that the rules don't apply to them or that the feeling they experience when smoking is more rewarding than stopping.
Whatever the belief is, when it exists on a subconscious level, it will always dominate your actions and therefore impact your results.
So the key is to implant messages in the subconscious that bring forth positive results rather than negative. When you do that, the person begins to act in a way that will create positive results in their life.

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