How To Use Your Mind Power To Achieve Everything You've Ever Dreamed Of

Dr. Purushothaman
September 17, 2013

Use your mind power -The mind power controls our daily life,it is believed that the subconscious mind has the power to influence all aspects of an individual's life. The subconscious mind does not think what we want it to but its thinking is based on its surrounding environment or an individual's past experiences. This experiences impact on how we think or how we are able to deal with issues affecting our lives. Before people were skeptical to this idea but now that studies have been able to prove that these methods do work, the use of mind power to change lifestyles is pretty much in use today.

People have been known to use the power of the subconscious to change even physical aspects in their lives. For example individuals can control where or not to feel pain by use of this power. It has been seen to work especially in activities like walking through hot surface and not feeling any pain at all, walking on top of sharp objects without getting cuts, getting ones tooth removed at a dentists without feeling extreme pain, this are just but a few factors that have been able to prove this aspect.

The subconscious mind has been known to be very effective in changing of behavioral patterns through use of techniques like laws of attraction. Using these technique individuals over the years has changed their mind functions. Increase in memory, focus and learning, to quick bad habits like cigarette smoking alcoholism, binge eating due to stress. In this technique individuals are placed in a relaxed environment where their mind is kept in a receptive mood they are then given command s by the person administering commands in line with what they need to achieve. On getting back to normal consciousness an individual will believe these affirmations and is able to change their daily lives.

There are other techniques like using of affirmations. This is statements that are short and contain positive wording. Individuals are supposed to repeat these statements through. The subconscious mind functions in that the more these words are repeated by an individual the more the mind believes them and takes them as reality hence changing a lot of aspects in their lives. For example affirmations have been used to help individual in goal setting and self improvement, dealing with stress and depression, motivation in daily life or to help individuals going through weight loss programs to succeed.

When seeking these methods to improve their lives, individuals are asked to be very careful not deal with fake people out there who only want to dupe them. Most of these experts have a good track record and good research should be done to try and find out which one of this will work best to help deal with an individual's issues, this is because people are different and a good expert should be able to know what will be most suitable. They are also supposed to keep track of an individual's progress and recommend changes where applicable. It is very possible to use your mind power to achieve what you wish in life.
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