How To Use Guided Meditation For Spiritual Growth

Dr. Purushothaman
January 23, 2014

Guided meditation over the years has proved to be an excellent tool for releasing stress, lessening anxiety and making your life a better one. The proper practice of meditation can help you develop your inner self and thus accelerate spiritual growth.
Choose a Good Spot for Meditating
Choosing a spot with healthy surroundings is very essential for reaping the benefits of meditation. There is no point in meditating with your eyes closed while you have filth spread all around you. An aesthetic environment is not only soothing to the eye but it also enhances your concentration and your will to meditate to the best of your capability.
One of the most mandatory factors in guided meditation is to be at ease. Whenever you sit down to meditate make sure you leave out all your worries and anxieties right outside the room. Never let anything come in your while you are meditating. You should be completely relaxed both mentally and physically at that time. A good idea would be to wear loose fitting clothes if you are feeling uncomfortable while meditating.
Just like relaxing yourself, visualizing is also a very important element while meditating. After sitting down to meditate, your mind will be full of worries and anxiety. But after sometime you will have to slowly concentrate on your breath which is one of the preliminary visualization steps.
Time Factor
If you want to get the most out of meditation then you ought to give in sufficient amount of time for it. Choose a suitable time in the day and meditate for at least half an hour in order to witness significant changes within yourself.
Correct Breathing
Breathing is one of the key elements of guided meditation. It fuels your meditation session and thus helps you get the most out of them. It is very important that you breathe deeply and in a rhythmic manner. This will help you maintain the calm and tranquil state of mind which is very much needed during that time.
Maintaining a Journal
Guided meditation has always required maintaining a journal in order to boost its outcome. You should try and maintain a journal in which you should note down a list of inspirational things and ideas which come to your mind. It will help you know all the bad habits which you have been able to eradicate through your sessions.
Maintaining Focus
It is highly recommended that you keep focus on one object or sound. If its a sound, then you should keep repeating a single word also called mantra, time and again. And if it is an object then maintain sharp focus on all of its features like shape, length, height, texture etc. Always remember none of these steps mentioned above will work if you do not focus. After all, guided meditation is all about focus, concentration and the will to strive for the best in you.
Maintaining Regularity
If you wish to witness upliftment in your character and soul with the help of guided meditation, it is very important to be regular in your meditation. The benefits of meditation are reaped best when you perform it regularly. Regular practice will not only help you eradicate bad habits such as smoking, drinking, laziness etc but will also help you in developing your soul within which is of course your primary objective.
These are the most mandatory points that should be kept in mind in order to get the most out of your sessions. It should be remembered that concrete concentration and impeccable focus are the key elements to a successful meditation session.
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