How to Use Anger Management Games to Help Control Our Thinking

Dr. Purushothaman
September 23, 2013

Everybody has lots of emotions. Anger is one of them. It may be an annoyance or a physical rage. It is perfectly fine if you are angry. But anger must be expressed in the right way. Otherwise it will affect your relations with family and with colleagues at workplace and ultimately affects quality of your life.

If you attend the anger management course a change in attitude towards the unwanted situation may be easy to accept. Some people want to control everything happening in their life and when things go against it they couldn’t control their anger.

Anger management games are used as a tool to show the other way of thinking. To help them to control their feelings some games are played. The objective of the game is people should realize that they cannot control everything in their lives and they must learn how to deal with things that seem out of control, rather than giving in to anger and frustration.

The game luck of the roll may be played with 3-15 people. Everybody will get prizes according the dice played. Some may get 3-4 prizes as per the dice and some may not get anything. The counselor observes the pattern of behavior of everybody. Afterwards discussion about how they reacted towards the prizes, how everybody handled the feeling of angriness towards uncontrollable situation.

It enables the people to understand how they reacted quickly in the unfavorable situation. Counselor should praise the person who reacted positively and set an example in front of others.

The Board game challenge is the game to show good sportsmanship towards teammates and an opponent in a competitive situation. Any board game can be played with the money. Who has larger money will win. Money brings competitive spirit in the game. Afterwards the discussion about the feelings of the participants should be held. How did they feel if they have lost, why they want to win, are they angry when playing a game, if yes, how they have handled it, how do they feel competition is bad or good, if money had not been introduced, do they have same desire to win?

This discussion encourages the open minded acceptance of our mistakes and a way to avoid it is also shown by some positive examples. Anger management games create healthy atmosphere between all participants. Everybody is ready to accept the solutions. This experience teaches them to change and the results are very good.


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