How To Solve Problems In Life ?

Dr. Purushothaman
August 12, 2013

If we are living being, we are supposed to have problems. Our lives are not always happy as we want it to be. Life is tangled between problems; the solution is unknown to most of us. We always dream of a problem-free happy life. But unfortunately, we are never happy because we are always made to face tough times often.

Problems make us unhappy and life becomes bad and unbearable. Problems in life can either be relationship problems or work related ones. Often people make the same mistakes while dealing with these problems. They no ever go beyond their level of thinking and experience to solve their problems. Very often failure is the result and many of us, while realizing this fact, tend to lose hope in life.

Failing constantly in life will lead to the belief that you are a helpless and unsuccessful person. Failures make us lose our self confidence. Try out different techniques in solving your problems without losing hope.
Solving Problems…

Erase the unpleasant past. Thinking of the past always makes our life very unenthusiastic and dull. For a creative life, it is always necessary to get out of your past. Getting stuck in the past always makes you feel uncomfortable.

Make yourself believe that you are the most excellent creations of the Almighty. If he has made, you, he has certain purpose to do so. If you make mistakes, it is because you are a human.

Never over estimate that you are perfect in certain areas. If you are successful in an area today, never boost up yourself saying that you are an expert in that particular field. Maybe you can be unsuccessful tomorrow. A sudden fall from the top of the tree is more hurting than when you fall while you are standing on the ground. Always have an attitude that if you are a student. Learn from every small incident from life and let not one day’s success not destroy you.

Try to gain the missing thing in your life, which can help you solve a problem. The missing factor may be some knowledge, a new skill or an experience.

Make it a point to learn new things in life.

Cross your regular thought process and get out of your limited belief, which always prevent you from doing something new and creative.

Problems are nothing, compared to our vast possibilities to solve them, because we are smart enough to solve any problem.

Never underestimate your possibilities and talents.

Uncertainty and Fear are the biggest stumbling blocks that hold most of us from achieving our dreams.

Always be your guide and philosopher. It is better to take care of yourself than always running around in search of support and advice from others. You lose everything when you lose your self- confidence. Make yourself well-equipped to handle any situation, so that you can be your support.

Listen to your body. Whenever you are tensed, your mind reacts first; the next obvious reaction would be from your body. When we are tensed, our muscles are also tensed. We can feel the language of the body through such signs.

While dealing with certain problems, we have to give the time and space to check whether our decision is correct or not. Move away from the regular spaces, and choose a quiet lonely place, so that you can hear what you think. Think and rethink about the problem and the decision you have made. You may be having a problem with the present job and the decision to switch on to a new one, would bring a lot of confusion inside your mind. So try on the technique of sitting in a lonely place, talking to yourself about your problem and try to sort it out.

Keep your mind clear. Do not clog your thoughts. A clear mind can make correct decisions. Never mix two thoughts together. Concentrate on one thing, finish it then go for the next one.

Have healthy contacts. Good friends can give you great relief, when you are in excess tension. Creating a friendly ambience during work, releases a lot of tension. Work might be sometimes stressful and dull. To release the pressure of work, a friendly gesture of smile, to the person next to you will really help.
Always ‘Forgive’’ in case of problems relating to relationships. Never create huge problems for a small issue. Forgiveness in relationships result in gaining Love.

Be pleasant and cheerful, and see the difference. You can see wonders happening when you take everything in the right sense with a cheerful attitude.

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