How to Solve All Lives Challenges Spiritually

Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014


Just look at the damage you are doing to your life, it is time to evaluate your existence here on mother earth. What are your contributions to your community, your immediate environment, your country and the world at large? Are you creating positive or negative impact? Better take stocks, for it is time for taking stocks. It is only self assessment that will save you from the damage you are doing to yourself. It is only after a serious assessment that you can decide whether or not to change what you are doing to yourself presently.
Ask yourself, the life I am living is it making life better or worse, it is something that has to do with conscience and spiritual awakening, and it is this state of spiritual consciousness that will aid you to minimize or totally eliminate the damage you are doing to your life and that of others. Wake up! Go back to your spiritual constituency; get back to your spiritual base, yes! Tune in to your spiritual base and stop the damage you are doing to your life.
From today I want you to be alive to your spiritual environment, go through life with your eyes being spiritually open, be aware and conscious of what you are doing and the effects it has on others in particular and the environment in general. We cannot afford to be complacent, we have to consider the effect our spiritual actions or inaction's have on others. Yes! To a large extent our spiritual inaction takes its pound of flesh from us, our loved ones, our community, and the world in general. Spiritually you can put yourself on the glorious and wondrous part of life and not on the degraded part of life. You can spiritually choose and determine the outcome of your life here on earth. Take a decision and take it right now. Are you going to be counted on the glorious or degraded part of life, I am not preaching neither am I engaging in holier than thou attitude. In life always strife to be part of the solution, not the problem. If one may ask? Can you be counted among those who offer solutions to lives teeming problems or will you be counted among those who are part of the problem. You cannot afford to continue looking on life as a spectator, stand up and be counted; you just got to stop the damage you are doing to your life.
To better the situation we all have to wake up to our spiritual constituency, hit your spiritual base, we all have to start being a part of the solution, and we should get up and be counted. He or she who does not want a peaceful change should brace up for a violent change. Your life cannot continue to be a mere existence; you cannot afford to always be a mere spectator. Why must you go about life crawling? Why must you go about life in circles, not making any head way? Just imagine the damage you are doing to your life and mankind. Just imagine the effect of your spiritual indifference. While everything around you is changing, only you refuse to change. Your beliefs, ideas and dogmas are all set like concrete with cement.
This is time for spiritual awakening and spiritual change, say no to powerful negative spiritual influences trying to hold you down, you are created to win, do not settle for anything less.
May the cosmic give you the wisdom to understand all these mysteries.
Be mightily blessed by the cosmic
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