How To Reprogram Your Mind ?

Dr. Purushothaman
August 12, 2013

We live in a world where change takes place every second. Development is actually taking place everywhere. So if change happening everywhere, what if we do not adapt ourselves to the changing situations? The answer would be that we are left out of everything if we do not tend to change in life. We have what we want. But if we do not accept the new techniques or new changes in life, then our life would be meaningless. If we are adamant and say that we do not accept change, then the loss is ours.
In order to change ourselves to the changing surroundings, you have to reprogram your mind. Change it into a flexible one. A flexible mind tends to accept new things from its surroundings. Accepting new things in life can develop us and the end result would be successful in any field.

Talking about change, it is easier to explain with a simple example. You install a program in your computer. Within a few months, the updated version is released. The next step a user does is to install the updated version, since it might be having more features which would help in giving perfection to your work. Similarly, if we tend to accept new thoughts and new ideas from our surroundings, we tend to develop our knowledge and we adapt ourselves to the changing world. When we try to accept new ideas, we are more prone to success. People who are rigid and refuse to accept new things remain the same and they are totally ignored by the world.

In order to make our minds flexible or to reprogram it, all we need is to improve ourselves. These tips would definitely help you in reprogramming your mind for success

• Accept the reality that new knowledge gives us more exposure. People with abundance in knowledge are respected and honored by others.

• Always be aware of what to accept and what to reject. You are the keeper of your mind. So accept what is needed and what is good.

• Try to get more positive ideas and thoughts.

• Avoid watching negative or violent movies.

• Read what is good.

• You need to spend time for yourself. You can spend some time doing nothing. Today we rarely find free or leisure time. We are all pre occupied with one thing or the other. If you want to spend time alone, then early mornings are the best. Get up early and enjoy moments with your ‘self’. Enjoy the beauty of nature and try to meditate or pray. This can clear your mind and help you to be more receptive to new thoughts during the rest of the day.

Stop talking negative to yourself. Negative thoughts and negative ideas can ruin you and your day. Speak to yourself in an encouraging way. Always encourage yourself to do good things. Remind your mind that you can do everything. Look at the mirror and say that you are beautiful or handsome.

• Encourage your mind to do what you think is impossible.

• Dream big. This can help your mind to reprogram your thoughts to the ways of getting to your result that is your dream or goal. Mind has an extraordinary quality of leading us to our goals or dreams. Mind makes us believe that you will achieve one day. So never underestimate it.

• Pretend that we achieved our goals. This will help us to have self confidence to achieve new things in life.

• Eliminate people who pull you down. Negative vibes are to be put off. People who always talk bad of you ‘must’ be avoided. People who beat your self confidence have no place in your life at all. Ignore them totally.

• While programming your mind for the achievement of any goal, make sure that your goals are realistic ones.

• Try to ignore your problems. Problems come up every second. Program your mind for finding solutions and not to worry on it.

• To program your subconscious mind, you need to use powers of imagination, practice, listening and regular programming or reminding the mind of the changes to be made.

• Aim one at a time. Never mix up your aims. It will be difficult for you to program your mind if you plan to do many things all together.

• Believe in you and your wonderful mind, its powers and possibilities.

• Be confident

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