How to reduce Ego in Life ?

Dr. Purushothaman
August 7, 2013

The ego’s interests and our interests square measure completely different. Sadly we tend not to understand this and that we build our ego’s priorities our own. We tend to pay our entire life chasing when goals that belong to the ego and not us. The ego is concerning power and a spotlight. The soul is concerning love and happiness. Nonetheless invariably we decide power and a spotlight over love and happiness.
When the scale of our ego reduces we discover that love in our life multiplies. This happens as a result of we tend to square measure less defensive and additional capable of sympathy. We tend to become additional approachable, less self-obsessed, and fun to be around with. Our support structure will increase creating us happier and additional fortunate.

Ego causes stress in our lives. This happens as a result of we tend to become engrossed in defensive our ego-identity. We tend to perpetually feel vulnerable and under fire and notice the strain response being perpetually triggered. As we tend to swim in stress our thinking becomes cloudy. We tend to become incapable of finding our resolution of our ego-driven antics and consequently our ego remains robust and dominates our lives. Stress becomes a blockage that stops the soul from expressing itself.

"Ego" is usually accustomed describe the tendency to inflate your self-image, and it's usually coupled with greed. It's not simple to be formidable, however to be "overambitious". It implies that you simply love yourself most that you simply would attempt to understand your ambitions to the impairment of others.

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