How to Qualify Happiness

Dr. Purushothaman
January 18, 2014


Happiness is subjective and vary from person to person. Say for instance a person who earned a bonus of $100 may feel happy but a person who earned just $50 may be happier. Happiness therefore may be defined and dictated by a person's background. For someone who has not been together with their loved ones for ten years, being reunited may bring so much happiness to their hearts. However, for a person who has been experiencing some troubles dealing with their family members, being away from them for a week may bring about the same kind of happiness but for very different reasons. This is why it is said that happiness is truly subjective and may be too difficult to qualify.
Say for instance you go online and check the blogs that have been written about happiness in It might confuse you to know that people define happiness in very different terms.This is why happiness no matter what and how it is defined is simply something that makes people find peace. When a person is happy, that person is certainly feeling peaceful at the same time. Thus, happiness is important in every person's life and this is also one of the things you can easily realize when you read through this website..
Since happiness is important, the website will teach you to invest on the various ways and means on how you can be happy. If this thing makes you happy, then focus on that thing as long as you are satisfied with it. In the end, every person in the world, no matter how difficult life may e deserves to be happy and this is what you will be reminded of when you read through the website and enroll for the course that they are offering as well.

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