How To Motivate Yourself?

Dr. Purushothaman
December 14, 2013

Having some excellent motivation techniques in mind can be essential when it comes to the ability to accomplish aims and objectives in life. Especially a person that knows exactly how to apply self-motivation techniques in an effective way will be able to do whatever it takes in order to accomplish one of his goals.

How to motivate oneself?

Stimulate your incentive: Try to be a communicative and approachable person and seek for those aspects in your life that motivate you the most and allow you to stimulate your incentive. I increase my incentive by reading motivational books, searching for motivational quotes from wise people and simply by thinking about the elements of my life that I truly appreciate.

Set yourself goals: Goals setting is the most powerful motivation technique that figuratively allows you to boost motivation into new spheres. Goals will help you to increase and maintain your motivation on a continuously high level. I recommend you to take a piece of paper, where you start writing down whatever goal, ambition, objective and dream you would like to achieve and how you intend to accomplish these goals. Feel free to add some images to this goal setting list, as pictures will allow you to associate positive emotions with your goals. Make sure that you place your goal setting list somewhere where you will see it at least once a day or even better: at a place where it is helpful for you to become motivated every once in a while.

Reward yourself: Having some excellent goals will help you to maintain your motivation, rewards however will skyrocket your motivation. After you have finished the above named goal setting process you can feel free to think about some motivational rewards that you can reward yourself with after accomplishing one of your goals. Please take into account that you should only reward yourself once you have accomplished your goal and adapt the size of the reward accordingly of the necessary efforts to achieve the aim.

The motivational aspect of music: Music is an effective way to increase your motivation within a couple of minutes. The reason for this is that music can elicit emotions within us and, if chosen the right songs, can energize and motivate us. The advantage of music is that it can be easily implemented into your daily routine as an effective motivator. Make sure to choose some of your favorite songs that allow you to feel happy and energized as your motivational soundtrack.

Finding the right motivation can often be challenging, especially in the beginning. However, implementing the above named techniques will help you to increase your motivation step by step.

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