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Dr. Purushothaman
January 23, 2014


If you are considering learning how to meditate, meditation will open worlds unto you beyond anything you have ever imagined during this lifetime. There is much more than meets the eye here, actually twelve dimensions are about the Earth. Is this not amazing?
Beings who have chosen incarnation during this incredible time are beginning to experience the fifth dimension. We are developing an awareness of our powers and spirituality.
On course, 2000 years has passed since the Christ Energy was present, and our time space reality has experienced a 26,000 year planetary cycle.
Spirits create forward and are thus born into the physical world being pure positive energy. From the first breath of physicality, we slowly begin to drift into a lesser vibration. Without realizing it for some time, typically until mid-life humans forget we are creating our world by thoughts, feelings and later action without realizing it.
Al last, we remember who we are and the purpose of being here. We remember we can create health or illness, prosperity or poverty, pleasure or pain.
Learning how to meditate - for beginners is the ultimate path to accomplish all dreams and desires. Additionally, this going within takes us into a private place where we can reduce stress, recharge and lighten any troubles. Problems which can sometimes dominate our thoughts will dissolve leaving us feeling peaceful with a sense of tranquility.
How to meditate: Meditation is the trained practice of stopping resistant thoughts, or quieting the mind. In the beginning stopping thought may not be easy. This does improve with daily practice.
Human beings forms portion of the Beta frequency within daily activity, as we find ourselves awake and productive. True meditation finds its place within the Alpha frequency, being a very advanced state. While learning how to meditate, for beginners some may experience difficulty or frustration as it can be difficult to operate in the Alpha.
When we are finally able function well in the Alpha state, fluctuation between the Alpha and Theta state is typical, then passing into the Delta. This is the state, or frequency which is normally active during sleep. The ultimate goal is to remain in the Alpha while meditating.
This is where meditation software becomes our best friend.
How to meditate for beginners :
When we implement cutting edge how to meditate - meditation software, we are able to naturally function within the Alpha state within minutes! Meditation software saves years of practice!
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Victoria M Noble is passionate on the subject of Metaphysical Sciences and plans to earn a PhD degree at the University Of Metaphysical Sciences. Daily practice with Meditation Software
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