How to Meditate and Feel Happier With Yourself

Dr. Purushothaman
January 23, 2014


How To Meditate? Let’s first gain some perspective about what it means. A somewhat poetic method of describing meditation could be comparing it towards the flow of water - directional yet fluid, with energy channeled into suitable paths. Everyone have our own way of meditating and channeling our energies; even if you're beginner, you’ll discover quickly enough that you've got your own signature meditation technique. So, somehow meditation is a very personal experience. However, it's also the one that often produces the general result of happiness!
Before I go on regarding how meditation will help you feel happier with yourself, let’s first understand some key concepts of meditation.

What is Meditation?

Meditation can be explained as a mental and/or physical exercise that can help one create a deep consciousness of their entire being. It aims at creating awareness about every cell in the body, every thought inside the mind and each emotion that soul feels. There are many different kinds of meditation, along with a variety of techniques to practice each. If you're only starting, it might be best if you study regarding the different kinds of meditation, to be able to make an informed decision about the practice that suits you best.

Why and How To Meditate?

I could talk forever here and give entire lessons in history and science to illustrate the proven benefits of meditation. But, then I could be digressing quite a bit from the current subject of meditation and finding happiness.
So, I’ll put it like this, once you master the art of mindfulness, you will get a fresh perspective within the numerous issues you are coping with. Meditation, thus, is the initial step into a sense of abiding happiness and control of thoughts and emotions.
Another major advantage of finding out how to meditate is it strengthens the capability to control and channel thoughts. This turns into a significant asset in everyday life, for this increases ones retentive capacity and stimulates creativity as well.
Finally, it is an established fact that meditation has a positive effect on the health. The existence of a direct link is debatable, however, it is a well-known proven fact that mental health contains a great influence on our physical health. With the decrease in stress and tension, the probability of heart diseases and similar ailments decreases significantly.
The bottom line is you should meditate to be able to enjoy and live life better; regular practice of the art can help you feel peaceful, energetic, spiritual, creative and healthier.
Whether you are new to meditation or fairly experienced, there are many methods to increase your meditative experience. A few of my very own favorites are: wearing breathable clothes and sitting in a comfortable position in calm, restful surroundings.
In case you find it difficult to meditate on your own, you might consider starting your meditative journey with Guided Meditation, since it is relatively uncomplicated and simple to follow for novices.
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