How To Make Yourself Happy –What Is Stopping You From Happiness

Dr. Purushothaman
January 18, 2014


How to understand that prevents you from happiness! Happiness is what we seek with the wisdom of the thought in our lives. Wisdom of thought is the root that disturbs the emotions of happiness in the consciousness of oneself. However, many have experienced the happiness of many things and people are short. This article will help you learn to have fun in all situations.

Some people seek happiness in things and people who are loved by him and are attached to their thoughts in mind. But the thought of losing them continue to disturb the happiness in life today. Some people continue to demand more of their people and things of love. This application continues to prevent the thoughts happiness in life today.

Some people seek happiness in revenge and do not like people who have abused or caused a financial loss for them or their relatives. These thoughts continue to deny happiness in life today. These people are sad or live in the perception of happiness.

Happiness is not something material that can be purchased. It is your mood. Our state of mind and all the things and people are still undergoing transformation and change. If you keep your mindset has been added too many things and people, past or expectations, your mood continue to impede the happiness in life today.

The needs of human life are too high and when it does not meet his expectations, he began to develop grudges and complaints against the environment, family, friends, businesses and all around him. This continues to prevent the happiness in life today. This dissatisfaction has filled her life with a lot of negative energy, and continues to prevent him from happiness. Physical limitations, personal responsibility, and negative attitudes are the main sources continue to deny happiness in life today.

Some people seek happiness by living a life full of regrets, addicts, broken families; have a poor relationship with his partner in life or hatred of work or a boss, etc. But all these sources to further prevent happiness in life today.
Some people think that priests can make them feel happy, or visits to churches and temples and studying the books of faith. These are merely tools to withdraw from many negative thoughts. Others consider that raising a lot of wealth can make them happy. But these expectations are a source of wisdom of thought and do not connect to your inner self -- the true source of happiness in all situations.

How to learn to make you happy? How to attain freedom from all thoughts of attachment, hostility and fear? Learn to live in life today, accepting the current situation desired by God and learn to live in your consciousness that is your state of mind of happiness.

Guru Nanak is the founder of Sikhism, the new religion. His famous quote Punjabi Script -
"Nanak-Duki-sab-Sansar-SO-jin-sukhia-nam-Adhar." It means a person who prays to God through faith can feel the true happiness, all the rest live in poverty or simply the perception happiness. By invoking the conscience, pray and remember to thank God is the advice he has given to live in the happiness of life today. We must look within yourself to identify the source of happiness, because the feeling of happiness lies somewhere in consciousness. Consciousness is indeed Lord and domestic energy source for eternal happiness.

With the help of meditation on life today, you can get a better picture of life and happiness. Sit quietly for several minutes and remove your sense of thought and subjects of its attachments, enmity and fear. Find out what are the thoughts of people and things that prevent you from happiness.
Begin to accept these negative thoughts and people who assaulted you. Forgive the aggressor in his mind, if the incident continued to torture his mind more, he / she has suffered in the physical action. Thereafter, he should reflect on this and its causes and take corrective action to avoid in the future.

Feel happiness in the consciousness and commitment to conscious living today in all situations


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