How To Lead A Happy Life ?

Dr. Purushothaman
August 12, 2013

A mental or emotional state, that gives pleasant or positive emotions, which may range from contentment to extreme joy, is called Happiness. Happiness is just living a good life, according to most of the philosophers and religious thinkers.

However, the idea of happiness differs for everyone. To each and every person, happiness has its own definition. The level of happiness always depends upon our passions, expectations, life experiences, and also our personalities. For some, happiness means having a good career, while others attain happiness in their family life, or intimate relationships. Happiness is actually a state of mind. You can be happy even when things are not working your way.

Tips for a happy life…
• A Strong belief in something… maybe a religion, can help in being happy. Studies show that religious people tend to be more happy and positive than those who do not believe in God.
• Never get upset during a bad or boring situation. If you are trapped in traffic, let not your joy be taken away. Take it as an opportunity to relax yourself and listen to your favorite playlist.
• A quiet and peaceful atmosphere is necessary for a happy life.
• Try to work according to your will. Your work should not be hindered by another person. Unnecessary ideas and comments from others are to be avoided. Your work is your pleasure. Let no hindrance disturb you.
• Expect something from each day. That expectation would give your life a different meaning.
• Be with your friends whenever possible. The happiness which you will gain when you hang out with your friends cannot be explained.
• Life has to go on whether you are happy or unhappy. Things which make you happy are nothing but your inner thoughts and emotions. Keep up the high spirits and try not to be inactive.
• “Smile and the world will smile”-The point is if you smile, you will fine others smile back to you and you get yourself amongst happy people.
• There are times when people feel down and blue. That does not mean that your world is going to end. There will always good times after bad ones. Hope is the one word which you have to believe in. Without hope, nothing is possible. We live each day with the hope that there will be a tomorrow and that all will be fine like a sunshine day.
• Expect good things out of your life. Never think that” Nothing will be fine “, “I always make mistakes, “I am a good-for-nothing” or”Nobody loves me”.
Understand the fact that this is your life and that negative people have nothing to do in your life. Simply ignore them.
• Love yourself. Happiness doesn’t come to people who hate themselves.
• If you want to be happy and joyful, try to be good to others and offer help whenever necessary. Being a helping hand brings in a lot of joy and contentment.
• Take occasional breaks. Take rest for maybe a five minutes time between two works.
• Go for vacations once in six months.
• Stop worrying about everything. Life will move on even if you worry or not. Why not live it with a cool mind.
• Laugh when you need to. It really helps you to lift up your spirits.
• Sleep well. Avoid late night TV shows.
• Listen to plenty of music. Relaxation begins with music.
• Concentration is not possible if your surroundings are dirty and cluttered. Tidy up your working space and living space regularly.
• Gardening helps you to feel good. Watching your seeds grow into plants, will always bring a sense of accomplishment in your mind.
Spend your free time with your family.
• Turn off your television and use leisure time for hobbies.
• Pets are a great source of relief, when you are back home after a tough day.
• Jotting down your activities in a personal diary releases a lot of stress.
• Visit a library near your place. If it helps reading books then go for it or else take advantage of the silence to heighten your spirits.
• Close relationships can be given more priority. Visit your old parents or grandparents once in a while.
• Help your kids in their studies, always be available for them. Never avoid their birthdays. Pamper them with gifts to show that you love them.
• Go out for a movie with your spouse once in a while. Make her feel special.
• Never walk around desperate. Always have a positive attitude in your posture. A positive body language is a must for a happy life.

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