How to Keep Your Business Mind Stress Free

Dr. Purushothaman
January 15, 2014


Every business goes through the cycle of having a
wonderful vision of success, and then comes the
development phase that includes all the
creativity and hard work. Last, is the process of
overcoming mental blocks that get in your way.
This cycle of envisioning, developing, and
overcoming goes around and around, and as your
business grows, so do you.
The excitement of beginning a business provides
adrenaline at first. It is like a honeymoon.
Then, at some point, it feels like you've made
it, and you've reach a plateau and you want to
stay there where it is safe.
Safe from what? Fear. Discomfort. Unknown. The
list goes on.
Whatever it is, the drive for safety is a barrier
between you and you fulfilling your vision.
Face it. As you grow, expand, and create
something new, the process will bring up all
kinds of mental blocks that will cause you
stress. The stress comes from the tug between
your vision and your mental blocks.
The mental blocks want to win. You hear all kinds
of words like, " I can't do this, I am not smart
enough, I don't know how, I can't afford it. And
so on."
It is a state of mind, a way of thinking that
keeps you feeling stuck.
This is stressful because it feels like you are
up against a wall with no way around or over it.
When your mind is clear and open the way is
clear, your ideas and energy flow and you are
productive, your business grows and you feel
A mental block is a fear or mind-set that keeps
you immobilized.
What are some common mental blocks that business
owners encounter?
* Comparing yourself with others.
* Fearing rejection by potential customers.
* Feeling stupid.
* Obsessing about things beyond your control.
* Thinking you can't afford it.
* Failing in your business.
* The list goes on....
How to Move Past Mental Blocks
1. Acknowledge what you do well and build on that
instead of focusing on the things in which you
feel less competent.
2. Remember that your power is in the present
moment. The question to ask is, "What am I to do
right now?"
3. Compete only with yourself and your original
Keep improving one small step at a time.
4. Keep your focus on your customers, not on
yourself and your issues. It is not about you.
It's all about helping others.
5. Find someone you can talk to who can see more
in you than you see in yourself. This fresh
perspective is essential in helping you to see
expanded possibilities.
Play baroque music, get out in nature or go see a
funny movie. Laughing is the biggest cure for all
kinds of mental blocks and stress.

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