How To Influence Someone's Mind By Controlling Their Anger

Dr. Purushothaman
September 18, 2013

A person’s mind is very vulnerable when one is angry. Anger is a violent and very powerful emotion, one that can trigger a lot of possible actions and consequences. To harness mind control power, you should know how to master this emotion. By learning how to do so, you can use anger to your advantage and use it as a stepping stone so you can control decisions and actions that follow it.

This can be particularly helpful in times of conflict. You can use people’s anger to turn situations around and create a more positive outcome. Keep in mind that anger is a powerful emotion that every single person has, so if you can have control over it, you can be a powerful mind control magnet over everyone around you. Just make sure to use this to wield positive outcomes.

Here’s how you can achieve mind control by controlling a person’s anger:

1. What causes anger? The first thing to do is to understand what causes the anger. You cannot succeed in controlling anger if you don’t know what causes it. These triggers will become your main tools in what you hope to do.

2. Channel the anger away from you. Another important thing to pay attention to before you begin controlling someone’s anger is to make sure the emotion is not targeted towards you. Sometimes, this emotion has its way of polluting a person that it can be targeted at a specific person but also affect others. As much as possible, if you want to have control over someone, the emotion should not identify you as a subject.

3. Win the person’s trust. Instead of pinning you down as a recipient of the emotion, you have to make the person trust you so the powerful emotion sees you as an ally, not an opponent. What you can do is to agree with what the person is feeling, to let him know that you understand what he or she is feeling, and let the person think you are on his/her side.

Once that happens, it will be easier to plant simple suggestions on the mind of the person about what he/she should do next. With the trust built, the person’s emotional state will immediately listen to the suggestion and carry it out.

4. Apply anger management techniques. Now that you are a valued and trusted ally, you can start applying anger management techniques. One of the most powerful ways to quench a person’s anger is through subliminal messaging.

The only way to communicate with the subconscious and replace those thoughts is through subliminal anger management.

You can use subliminal messages such as:

I am a peacemaker.
I am at peace with myself.
I am at peace with those around me.
I am bigger than my anger.
I have control over my emotions.

Even if a person’s conscious state is able to control anger, the angry thoughts – the roots – are found in the subconscious. Subliminal anger control is particularly helpful because only these messages can reach deep into the mind of the person and replace the deeply embedded negative, angry, and hateful thoughts there.

By: Nelson Berry

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