How To Increase Creativity

Dr. Purushothaman
November 25, 2013


Many of us are looking for ways on how to increase creativity in our lives. Our creativity should be expressed to the fullest. If it is not, it is simply wasted and loses the many benefits it offers. The good thing is there are many effective steps you can take on a consistent basis to bring your mind to top creative levels. These steps can be gradually implemented into your routine with the goal of making it automatic and effortless. Your final goal is to reap the many valuable benefits that increased creativity can bring to your life.

Ask yourself effective questions capable of expanding your mind: The questions we ask ourselves on a daily basis certain have an impact on the overall quality of our lives. If we ask ourselves poor quality questions, our brain simply gives us poor quality answers. If you want to increase your creativity, you need to ask yourself questions that will benefit you. For example, let's say you were working on a project and couldn't come up with a way to complete it. You can ask yourself a question like "Why me?" and get poor answers, or you can ask yourself a good question like "How can I find a way to complete this project?" If you ask this question, your brain will give you better answers to complete your project. In return, asking high quality questions can help bring out your creativity to solve situations on a more positive level.

Increase your spiritual awareness: We all have a need for purpose in our lives. Life without a purpose is life not worth living. Increasing your spiritual awareness can help open your creative mind to find your true purpose in life. So how do you increase your spiritual awareness? Meditating on a regular basis can surely help you significantly grow your spiritual awareness. Meditation is a great way to expand your creative mind to very high levels. Start a routine and continue to make it a regular part of your life. The benefits are abundant and very rewarding.

Connect with your creator: Billions of people around the world follow a religion. Major religions like Christianity, Islam and Buddhism have millions and even billions of followers. Many use praying to connect with their creator. Regardless of how one connects with their creator, the benefit can help boost your creativity. If you are connected with your creator, your mind is likely to be more at peace. If your mind is more at peace, you are more likely to have a more open mind for creativity. When you are creative you are more likely to solve challenges in life. You come up with more effective ways to fix your challenges. Having a closed mind that doesn't expand can make life a lot harder than it has to be.

Connect with yourself: Another great way to boost your creativity is to connect with yourself. As humans, we all have the need for connection. Connection with family, friends, your creator and yourself. Connecting with your inner self is very important for the quality of your life. If you connect with yourself, you can discover your own inner joys. If you discovery your own inner joys, you will find yourself doing things you love on a consistent basis. So how do you connect with your inner self? Of course, meditation is a great way, but what else? Try and take nature walks and find yourself a spot that is peaceful, quiet and has nature around it. You can connect with nature and the beautiful qualities and life it has. The piece and relaxation it brings can help you connect and discover your inner being. Your everyday worries and duties will be taken off your mind, keeping it open for creative discoveries. This can help open doors to many positive discoveries and goals you can set for yourself to grow. After all, if you don't grow in life, you simple start dying. The practice in never ending growth is a true successful act to follow for the rest of your life. Now that you learned more effective ways on how to increase creativity, practice them continually and watch the quality of your life go up tenfold.

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