How To I Manage Life

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Dr. Purushothaman
January 14, 2014


I hate living with my parents. It takes ages to get good Alexa rank. I always have headaches so I take panama. I hate my brothers. Minimum word count 400 words go articles. Got nothing else to do so might as well marketing.
Want to know how much money will have if wife lost job. Lists:
Want to get
1. Live 365
2. Fiverr
3. Video
4. Chat
Have to get
1. Fix car
2. Petrol
Want but cant get
1. Gym
2. Therapy
I feel like there is something else to share. Before I was thinking about whether to get something I think man vs wild now got so what am thinking now? Nothing. Hate going to the urinal. Microsoft wants to buy Yahoo.
So I figured it out. Still got to figure out multiple revenue stream stuff. Just got to work out how to fix car got the place but need to work out when. Right now dont have and cant have multiple revenue streams. This is my plan a and b. Plan a:
1. Wife working, me blogging, live with parents
Plan b:
2. Wife at home look after kids, me studying and getting benefits while looking for suitable work and still blogging, if find work then work and just study .
How do the finances work well in plan a we got what it is now. With 2 kids there's plenty of money. With plan b with 2 kids we have less but if I study we have almost the same with 2 kids.
Cant afford to be lazy. So bored. My dad is so gay and pathetic. I love him cause hes my dad but still. If I were to move in a far location the only thing I could do is study and just have a family and blog. There's not much work there so Id have to travel a lot.
Maybe find some other accommodation. I still got to ask heaps of questions about the servicing. You may ask why I'm not studying already? Because there's no one to look after the kids. So to fit in that slot I blog instead. I'm getting old.
Sometimes I just cant even think where I'm up to in life. Sometimes people look at me funny. Id rather be weird and happy. I love eating and entertainment. Life can be boring sometimes.

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