How To Get Success In Your Life - Get The Recipe Right First

Dr. Purushothaman
January 9, 2014

How to get success in your life. It is a simple question that many people ask many times in their lives.

If you are one of them asking that same question How do I get success in my life. Then this article is for you. It has helped hundreds of people and it can help you start getting the results and the success in your life.

When it comes to being successful at improving ones finances, health, relationships or gaining the freedom to do the things you are passionate about.

Working hard alone wont get you the results that you want for yourself.

You can work hard day and night and still not get the successful results that you desire.

You must be doing specific things in a specific manner to get the right results. You need to have the right recipe.

Take for example a Mayonnaise cake I baked for mom on her birthday. I was using a proven recipe that we have used for years. As a matter of fact my mother has been baking that delicious chocolate mayonnaise cake every since I was a little girl. That is right every year my mother would bake us our favorite cake on our birthdays and for me it was that very chocolate mayonnaise cake.

I mixed everything up just like the recipe called for and put it in the oven at the temperature the recipe called for.

I set the timer for 30 minutes like the recipe called for. Then my sister and I ran a few errands so before we left I asked my husband Dale to take the cake out of the oven when the timer went off.

When we got home I walked into the kitchen and saw the cake on the counter and said to my husband hey what did you do to the cake? Because it turned out flat. He said he did not do anything to the cake.

I went over to recipe and it turned out flat because the recipe was missing one ingredient. Now as it turned out that one ingredient happened to be the ingredient with the smallest amount added to the batter. It was just 1 teaspoon mind you, but the lack of that one teaspoon of that one ingredient had the biggest impact on the cake not turning out right.

That one ingredient was the baking soda and you only needed 1 teaspoon, 1 teaspoon that was it!
Every other ingredient that was added to the recipe was at least cup or 1 cup.

The cake turning out flat happened because when my sister Belinda wrote out the recipe she forgot to write down the baking soda.

The same goes for trying to have successful results in your life with your goals and dreams. You need to have the right proven recipe to follow that will give you the right successful results that you desire.

Especially when it comes to areas like improving your financial status, relationships, health or the freedom to live the life you want and do the things that you are so passionate about.

If you were to leave out just one philosophy or element of the recipe to success it can have a major impact in the wrong end result for you.

That is why if you want success in your life then it is important to learn the proper proven recipe for success.
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