How to Get Rid of Poverty Spiritually

Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014


You can get rid of poverty spiritually, but before we go into how to get rid of poverty spiritually, certain things about poverty, is worth mentioning. You need to do a kind of self analysis on yourself before considering banishing poverty spiritually. Are you trying your best in life? Are you really planning and working hard to no avail? Or are you the lazy type that procrastinates forever. There is a general saying that there is no food for a lazy man and the bible is firm on it, "you slander go to the ants and learn its way" there is no free launch anywhere here on earth, the same is applicable in the spiritual world, there is no free lunch in the spiritual world. Sorry for the disappointment if you belong to the third category, this article is not for you.
This article is for that person who works hard, plan well and execute his or her plan to the end with little or no result to show. The article is for that person who believes that all his effort is not yielding dividends and that something may be wrong somewhere and is determined to find the missing link. For this write up to have an impact on you, for you to achieve success, you must be dissatisfied with result and returns you are getting out of your efforts in life. Here I am not talking about being greedy, I am talking about dissatisfaction right deep inside you, a voice telling you the effort you are making in life is not equal to the dividends you are getting.
Have you ever watched some successful people, could be your friends, neighbors or just ordinary people who seem to be making head way in life, while in your case you seem to be static. This group of people looks as if they have the magic wand to life's teeming problems; nothing seems to perturb them, while in your case you seem to be going in circles. If you don't desire to change your belief and your views on spiritual issues, stop reading this article now, because after reading this articles your life can never be the same again, your belief must change for good and your result be manifest if you take the advice of the writer. Life is sweet if you key in to the right source of power and find out what is oppressing you, what is keeping you down. Common! You can't be a boy every year-Tom is a boy, Tom is a boy, and must Tom be a boy every year. When will Tom become a man? Wake up!
Most of our problems in life are that we have fixed ideas, dogmas and belief. Why your ideas, beliefs and dogmas must be fixed and set in concrete, like cement. What you have believed in, for donkey years that never worked, isn't it time you do away with it. We all acknowledge that the only permanent thing in life is change, accepted. But we refuse to change our beliefs, but we refuse to change our ideas, we refuse to change ourselves.
Why must one be going in circles without making a head way in life? Ask yourself searching questions. It is only this questions that will set you free.
If you want to regain your destiny and lost glory, consider running what we call in spiritual circle, Comprehensive Holistic and Redefined Spiritual Research, this little spiritual tool has the capacity to unearth any secret information here on earth, irrespective of the number of years involved.
May the cosmic give you the wisdom to understand these mysteries.
Remain blessed by the cosmic.
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Dr. Chukwu Innocent is a trained spiritualist and alternative treatment and nutritional therapy researcher. You can reach him through his website or his blog

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