How To Get Rich Quick With Mindset And Actions

Dr. Purushothaman
November 6, 2013

A study was conducted of the most thriving men in history. Do you know what they had in common? Their actions and psychology of wealth to obtain. They all wrote down their goals and dreams. They made a well designed plan and visualized themselves conquering their dreams. When your dreams and goals are written on paper they have become real to you. they're now in plain writing creating a transformative effect on our minds. begin creating that mindset right now.

These wealthy men used the strength of the mindset to achieve a goal that wasn't already achieved. Therefore, increasing that drive to conquer their thoughts so they could become completed. The ability of visualization is very effective. We should take the opportunity to visualize ourselves having what we want at least 1 to 2 times a day. Take a moment to mediate and even put some soothing music you like to relax to.

How to get rich fast with mindset and actions? In the following paragraphs the topics that will be covered are vision, decisions, actions, planification and goals.

The Vision:
The mental image must be clear and defined. Where do you want to go, where do you desire to be 2 to 5 years from now? Your mindset has to be according the vision. It is vital that you dream with your eyes open and not shut. This means that you constantly are visualizing your vision and living it like you see it, even though it has not been fulfilled yet.Visualize and write what you want to do. Clearly describe what you want to achieve. Very important! Behave like you already have "the dream" you want. The rich always have a vision.


Be ready for new things. In certain cases you have to give up what you like to achieve what you want. Taking large action daily. One of the secret to being rich is regularity. If you work every single day towards your goals taking action, those actions will be your final result in the end. You are the results of your actions. Do it right now. Nobody will decide for you, but you.


The lack of action is paralysis. If you do not do anything you will simply go nowhere. Action generates production and productivity. Actions requires four items, they are perseverance, constant action, and mobilization.


A plan provides the steps to conquer your goals. It is vital to have an list of things to do where you do all your planification. Planning is actually the fastest way to success.

Characteristics of Planification:

The plan is the makeup. The design is the idea. Action is the solution to planification. Write down your goals. Plan thoroughly. Plan everyday.


The steps you take firmly will help you reach to the top to arrive at your goals. Goals give you a sense of orientation. Outside them you'll get confused and wonder, throwing away time and vigor. Decide upon short term and long term goals. Write step by step actions.

Being rich won't happen quick, but if your drive is consistent, you will get rich quite quickly. Your ability to take action and plan out your goals in the final result will make you win. In addition to having the vision and living it as long as you work to achieve your dreams and goals. Don't let oneself be influence by negative influences wherever they come from. Be aware your family is one of the first ones to try to influence you negatively and your friends. Take daily actions and establish them incorrect because your are living the dream! You will be wealthy.

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