How To Get Rich

Dr. Purushothaman
September 7, 2013

Do you want to be rich? Your answer may be of course. You may think that this type of question is mainly from the people who sell products by creating greed among people. Arousing greed is against the moral of people. It may give too much emphasis on materials than the spirit inside. Money is the root of all evils resided inside human, some may think. Is it true that making money is not moral and all the riches are not good people? Let's come and see if all the beliefs above are reasonable and sound to follow.

How do we get money? We exchange something for money. In the old era, the barter system was used and people traded what they produced to what the others produced. Farmers exchanged rice with the fishes from fishermen. At the end, both can enjoyed the two products in their home. Later on, man creates money to be a media between the exchanges. Money is known now to be one of the most important things in human life. It is so important that many people do everything to get money. A lot of people forget that only taking money may not be correct if what you give is not worthwhile.

You can not just put ten dollar bill and exchange for twenty dollar bill. Nobody wants to exchange with you. How ever if you take that ten dollar bill and use it to buy some materials for example you use it to buy some prawns and some cooking sauce. Then you cook it according to some good recipe. You will get a dish and somebody may want to exchange that good dish with their twenty dollar bill. The process you do with the prawns and sauce is the way that you add value onto them. We get profit from this incremental value we add to our resources and then exchange for the money to the one who is willing to pay. The more value we add to our resources, the more people will be wiling to pay for it. We will get more money. If our resources are only your time and your education, you may decide to be an employee. In this case, the value you create will go to your boss. And your boss will pay you on that service. The better value you give to your boss and make your boss satisfied, the more you will get paid. Value is very subjective. Some people may want to pay ten dollars for a good Ice Cream, others may not.

Now we know that we get paid by the value we give to the payer. There may be more payers than just one depending on what business you are in and whether you are an employee or a business person. Microsoft gets the most money because a lot of people perceive the value on Windows programs and are willing to pay for the high price of the product. Although the real cost of the material on Microsoft products may be low but the perceived value is high. Microsoft gives the value to the large numbers of people and help people to get what their want on operating their computers the right way they want. We can do the same. Providing the best value to the most people is our main purpose if we want to get rich. A lot of people overlook this and concentrate only on how they can get the money from other people. Unfortunately, that will not happen if you think that way. Once you understand this, the way to rich status will not be far away from your reach.

In addition, we may get better on what we do by regularly visualize that we get the results we want. Making visualization that your customers or your boss are very happy on the value you give to them will help you attract the result to come faster. Also visualize yourself get paid by a large amount of money since you has helped so many people get what they want from the value given by you.

How to get rich may not be as complicate as it sounds. It is simple and understandable. Yet many people overlook it and misunderstand the process of getting rich. This article reveals the secret and may reposition your thought to get rich sooner than you plan.

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