How To Follow The Flow Of Life ?

Dr. Purushothaman
August 12, 2013

Life is not something that remains stagnant. It is something which flows. The flow of life is not limited to a single direction. It can move anywhere and everywhere. The flow of life cannot be thus restricted. Restriction can only cause in disturbance of the self. Most people like the regular way the life flows through. They usually want life to go the same direction every day. A minute change in the flow of life can disturb them and take away the happiness of the day.

Moving to the flow of life has an indirect relation to reach our life’s goals. This might seem confusing. But the fact is that any person, who has a definite aim or goal in life, loves to move in a definite pattern, or on a way preplanned by him/her. Such people move in a pattern planned only by them. Maybe they would love to spend the early hours of the day on for either the preparations for their day’s work (you can call it home working for the day’s work}, or on any fitness activities. But if any obstacle has come and that your early morning activities are affecter, for example if you woke up late a particular day, then the things which you have planned like going for a jogging or doing any work would be affected. This small thing can create a big disappointment in you resulting in a little bit of frustration. This can even affect your whole day.

The little changes can lead to great disappointments. Here, we have to be practical. You need not lose your happiness just because you have shifted a little bit from your routine. Think of life as a river. Rivers can change its path. It has no fixed way. Similarly, when the flow of your life changes at times, be practical and move according to the flow. Never get disappointed, frustrated or angry at the situation. You cannot live in a pattern you want it to be like. Sometimes you too need to change the course of life.

Understand the fact that:

Nothing is under your control. Yes, there are things which are under our control like motivating ourselves for losing our laziness and to get up early and do what we have planned-maybe to go for a jogging or to do any work or to read a book and so on. But we cannot be in control of certain things which may create obstacles in our plan, like a phone call which consumes a lot of time or a delay in waking up or wastage of time on any other work which was not in the schedule. These are not under our control. So there is no point in being irritated or frustrated on the situation. Our own existence is not in our control. So there is no point of trying to be in control of each and every situation.

When you find yourself irritated and angry, when things do not work in your way, try to keep yourself calm; if you are not able to do so, sit quietly and count from 1-10 slowly and take deep breaths. You can even take a few minutes to meditate.

• When things do not work in your way and when you are aware that those things are affecting you very badly, simply try to convince yourself that if you get frustrated, it is you who are going to be affected. No one else will be affected and nobody can help you out other than you yourself. If you are in a trouble and in spite of the help and advice from others, understand that you have to go through the situation all by yourself. So say calm. React less. Move according to the flow of life. If the flow takes another turn, move accordingly with more energy and vigor.

• When you first move towards the new flow, it is obvious that you are sure to master the new path. Nothing is possible overnight. Taking short steps to the new path can lead us to a more successful destination. New skills are acquired by rigorous training and continuous practice.

• Tackle with easier problems first. Then go for the difficult one. Doing the difficult one first can always create a sense of urgency in your mind when you have an easier one left. Going for the easier work first will cool your mind and allow a peaceful atmosphere even if the second job is a bit tougher one.

• Never lose an opportunity to be happy. Enjoy every moment of your life. This can relax you.

Thank the Almighty for all the good and bad things in your life. This can pull you up from ‘any’ worse situation in life.

• Never go around controlling others. We cannot expect others to do things according to our will. As we have the right only to control ‘ourselves’, and ‘nobody’ else.

• We are not perfect so are others. Never expect others to be perfect and accept anyone as they are and not as we want them to be.

Life moves on and so are we. Move according to the flow of life. Stay calm and accept what is reality. This will lead you to new paths of success.

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