How to Enrich Happiness in Life?

Dr. Purushothaman
January 18, 2014


What is happiness? Different people have different experiences. In my opinion, happiness is a feeling, a feeling of inner peace and contentment, is the soul's experience with no-worries, fears, dreamless and other complicated thinking. When we did what we like to do, or have won and obtain valuable things we think, we will feel very happy. Happiness appears to be results of “a good thing”, in fact it is an inner feeling triggered by external circumstances.
Life can be happy every day. Feeling happy or not is all depend on our attitude. For most people, happiness is wandering, because their lives are always affected by outside influences. The best way to maintain happiness is to inner peace through the daily practice, thus it is easy to develop a habit of can’t help to choose to be happy. These points below are for your reference to let you increase happiness of the daily life.
First, try to change the angle of approach to view things, always focus on the optimistic side. Do not let the mind dwell on the negative or difficult things.
Second, find solutions to solve the problem; do not intertwine with the problem itself.
Third, listen to some relaxing yet inspiring music. Or play games you like, for example, buy cheap runescape accounts and fight for runescape accounts selling and sell rs accounts. Moreover, you can watch comedy, comedy or a comic that make you laugh often see.
Forth, spare a little time to read a few pages of inspiring books or articles every day.
Fifth, alert to ideological dynamic. Once you think of a bad thing, quickly stop and turn to things that make you happy things, such as buying a book to yourself, eat the food you like, watching one of your favourite TV shows or movies, walk in the street and so on.
Sixth, everyday do at least one thing to make others happy. It can be a word that warms the hearts of your colleagues, or stop at the intersection to allow pedestrians to cross first, or give up seat to others on a bus, or give a little gift to the person you like. You also feel happy when you let someone else happy, and in return others will try to make you happy.
Seventh, always look forward to the arrival of happiness.
Eighth, do not envy those happy people. Instead, be happy for their happiness.
Ninth, make friends with those people who are happy, and learn from them to make you happy. Remember, happiness is contagious.
Tenth, when things did not go as you expected, you should be detached, which will make you calm down and help you to control emotions. Detachment is not apathetic, but to accept whatever bad and good, thus you will in mentality balance. Detached has a relationship with inner peace, which will bring happiness to you.


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