How To End A Relationship On Good Terms

Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014


How To End A Relationship On Good Terms
Has your relationship run its course? You love your partner but you are not in love anymore and you want to know how to end the relationship on good terms. This is very common, over time people change, their outlook on life and how they feel is not the same as it was when the relationship started. When you have been with someone for a significant amount of time it is understandable if you don't feel the same about them as you used to. Relationships can go a bit stale and uneventful after a while.
You know it's over, staying in the relationship is making you unhappy, but you don't want to hurt your partner. Technically they have not done anything wrong, it is you who has changed. You have been worrying and stressing about it, you want to know 'How to end a relationship on good terms?'
You know it is going to be difficult, a break-up is hard on everyone involved, and for this reason people keep putting it off. Many relationships run past their sell-by-date.
So how do you end a relationship on good terms?
You need to be totally clear on why you want to end the relationship. Have your reasons clearly thought out with explanations if necessary. The biggest question your partner will have is why? Be prepared for this and be totally honest with them. If it is a fault on their part they need to know as this is something they could work on for future relationships.
Make sure you do not rush the break-up, allow yourself plenty of time so you are there for your partner if they want you to be. Make sure you do not do it before any major event, as they will always look back and curse your timing. DO NOT end the relationship by text message or email, where ever possible end the relationship face to face, although if this is not possible due to distance the phone is acceptable, do not wait until you see them again this is just prolonging the inevitable. The sooner you do it the sooner you can both deal with it and move on.
Get into a sympathetic state of mind, this will be a very difficult time for the person you are ending things with, you have to be as understanding and patient as possible. If you want to end relationship on good terms then so need to be compassionate.
Do not give your partner any reason to get angry, don't start to play the blame game. Acknowledge your part in your decision to end the relationship, reassure them by remembering all the good times that you had together, and that you will always cherish the time you spent together.
Everybody deals with a break-up in different ways. Some people want space where other people need contact. Respond to their needs and do whatever it takes to make this time easier for them. Allow them to ask as many questions as they need to in order to get closure. But whatever you do not let them quilt you into getting back together, you had good reason to end the relationship in the first place. If you are sure that you want to end the relationship then getting back together because you feel sorry for them will do you both more harm than good.
If you are still in contact during the break-up do not become intimate again, this only leads to confusion and more heartache in the long run.
Should you ever consider getting back together? Only you can decide that, you may spend some time apart and realise that you made a mistake, and if certain conditions are met then there is a chance that you could save the relationship.
However if you are certain that ending the relationship is the right decision then you should walk away and make a clean break.
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