How to Effectively Track Employee Wellness Programs

Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014


Employee wellness programs need to be tracked. You may know how much the program's cost as well as how many people are enrolled in the programs, but that may be where your tracking stops. You need to know other important factors as well. This includes the return on investment, the quality of life that your employees have, and the overall effectiveness of the benefits. Especially if you are offering health insurance to your employees, you want to track their employee health and make sure you are offering the best wellness programs possible.
You will want to make sure you have accurate data regarding your employee wellness programs. This means knowing about the following:

Quality of life
Number of people in programs
Time the programs have been implemented

With the help of a benefit optimization system, you can ensure you are able to track the effectiveness of the programs. This will place all of the data online at your fingertips. You can then choose what data you want to see in the dashboard as well as what data you can query through in order to learn a variety of details.
Depending upon the employee wellness programs you have in place, you can learn about how they are becoming more or less popular. You can also learn about whether there are better programs that you can implement based upon the needs of your employees. When you tie your wellness programs to your health benefits, you can learn more about your employees. For example, you can learn about what ails your employees, what the average age is and much more.
If you know more about your employees, you can target the employee wellness programs to better impact their health. You can enhance the wellness programs, change them and even add new ones - but only if you know a significant amount about your employees and how effective your current employee benefits program is.
You have the option of warehousing your data online with a company that will provide you with health strategies. This will allow you to sift through all of the data to ensure you can actually make the most of your data. Without it being properly warehoused, you will never be able to get the data you want. It may be online or it may be in a paper format. Either way, it will sit somewhere in your office where you are unable to obtain quality information from it.
Your employees deserve the very best from you. If you have employee wellness programs in place, they are designed to help your employees. Can you honestly say that your employees are obtaining benefits from the programs you currently have in place? If you aren't tracking the data effectively, you have no way of knowing.
If you have gone to the trouble of offering a wellness program, then you owe it to your business and your employees to track it so you can make improvements when and where necessary.
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