How to discover your purpose in life

Dr. Purushothaman
November 26, 2013


All of us have our purpose in life, but do you know that very few people know their purpose in life? When I talk about life purpose, I am not talking about the daily goals we set and break the rules the next day. No!
Goal is totally different from your purpose in life. Goal is when you intent to achieve or do something and your purpose has to do with what will be of you when you successfully possess the goal, right?
Let me give you an example with a young ambitious man that had a big goal for himself but never had a purpose in life. One morning he said to himself, he must become rich and famous like his opponents in the field. So he decided to setup a business which did very well and made him famous than his competitors. He made many friends and everyone loved him. Unfortunately one morning, he dedicated almost halve of what he had acquired all these years to the Orphanage.
I hope you have seen people like that? What do you think made him do that? The answer is simple!! He had a goal without a purpose and so achieved his goal and got all the praises he wanted and from there on, wealth made no sense to him again and one morning he did that.
How to discover my purpose in life
Identifying your life purpose is not difficult or a complicated process. It's nothing more than examining the things you wish to do before you die. For example, my purpose in life is to help people anyway I can, so every day in life, I try to help people in various form especially in the domain of self-help. That is my life purpose. If the universe has to come to an end now, this is what I will be grateful for.
What about you? If you were to certainly die tomorrow, what will be the things you wish you could have done before death comes?
Let me put this in another form for you to discover your purpose in life. Let's say you were death (unimaginable, but for the sake of example) and God decides to reverse your future for just 30days and brings you back to life before you die again, what will be the things you wish to do within these 30days?
As soon as you reflect, you will have a drop-down list of the things you wish to do and those are your life purposes. Those are the things that will really make you feel happy as soon as you start working your way towards that. In one of my articles, I explain how happiness only occurs when a person discovers his life purpose and heads it.
So as soon as you discover your purpose, write them down and start working your way toward it. You will discover that as soon as you start working on that, life will tend to be fair and meaningful.

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