How To Develop Strong Telekinetic Mind Power

Dr. Purushothaman
September 18, 2013

It is important at the outset for us all to be on the same page and know what is meant by the term "telekinetic." When using the terms telekinetic or telekinesis, we must also know that it is synonymous with the word psychokinesis or "PK." These terms describe the psychic abilities to easily, often effortlessly and naturally affect or control objects at any distance using metaphysical thought power. Many people have experienced this mind power already, while some others find it fairly hard to believe in.

Well, the truth is that modern science has already proven that telekinetic powers are real. And, there are countless research studies from the top universities and scientists that confirm the existence of telekinetic powers. There have been countless paranormal research studies conducted involving PK. And they all have the same basic conclusion--that PK is something to take seriously and learn more about. It is obvious by now that possessing these psychic abilities can benefit human life in unlimited ways and on all levels.

In fact, there is a metaphysical manuscript entitled "This Is PK" which presents the most accurate, useful, powerful and beneficial informaton about telekinetic powers that I have ever seen. This manuscript only discusses True-PK, which is totally diferent from staged PK, where there is actual physical contact with the object supposedly being controlled. A classic example of this is spoon bending, where there is sleight of hand involved and not mind power. True PK can not be mistaken, it is scientifically proven under controlled conditions.

A classic example of true PK is one's ability to control electricity at a distance such as lights and automobiles. Another example is the psychic ability to displace objects with the mind. Finally, the Fridge Phenomenon Discovery serves as a very classic example of true PK and more about that discovery is revealed in the manuscript This Is PK.

It is already a well established fact that PK mind power can be used for many important purposes such as manifesting abundance, true prosperity, protection, real healing and so much more. One only needs to learn more about how to work with one's own telekinetic abilities. That is the starting point for a whole new life and Karma.


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