How to Develop a Sense of Purpose

Dr. Purushothaman
November 26, 2013


Having a sense of purpose in life goes a long way to boost confidence. You were born to fulfill God's purpose for your life. You were not created to live in a vacuum. Everything and everyone has a purpose and leads to an expected end.
A purposeful life needs to be developed. You have to work it. You may not feel like you have any purpose while out of a job, sick in bed, or elderly. But, that is not true! You really do have a purpose. It's just waiting for you to tap into it and reverse the inertia into full drive.
Just at the point where you may be saying: What's the use?ask yourself: What can I do to discover the purpose God has for me right now?
It is all related to the tools you already have in your possession. You have experience, talents, and personality! These can be applied to your career, bringing up a family, or doing voluntary work. It is all about fitting in and feeling that you are making a difference in life.
A sense of purpose gives you a feeling of accomplishment, knowing that you are achieving something and getting somewhere. It gives you something to look forward to every day; a reason to get out of bed in the morning with a smile. A purposeful life puts a bounce in your step and makes you feel so good on the inside. It leads to confidence, accomplishment, and a happy disposition.
Young people generally do not have a problem developing their purpose in life. They tend to face life with determination, hope and a vision of making the world a better place. They are just starting out and their main purposes may consist of passing exams, building careers, dating, marrying, and eventually starting their own families. They have a lot to look forward to, and that gives them a strong sense of purpose in life.
However, the older you get, the more skepticism and uncertainty can set in, and your purpose in life may have been inadvertently put on the back burner. Perhaps the children have grown up and are no longer dependent on you. Relationships break up, retirement may not be a positive factor in your mind, and you no longer have your career as a prominent purpose.
The older generation needs to develop a renewed sense of purpose in life. I know; change is always difficult. Yet, it is so necessary because without change there is no growth. Life is all about growing; even in retirement age. That's what keeps you young and your mind stimulated.
It seems such a daunting task to reconstruct a new purpose. But, reflect for a moment on the different phases in your lifetime. Remember how gung-ho you were starting off on your career, facing the world with fresh optimism and adventure?
Well... it felt great back then, didn't it? Or...did it? You may now vividly remember the excitement you felt about the purpose of envisioning your whole life ahead of you. However, reflect back just a little deeper and what do you see? Underneath the veneer of excited purpose there also was a lot of indecision, insecurity and fear, wasn't there? Although you had high hopes, you really had no way of knowing where it would lead you down the road.
Now reflect on, and better still write down, all the experience and skills you have since developed! You have an awful lot to share with younger generations and to enjoy! Now all you need to do is to connect to a source that can benefit from your talents and experience, and your tide will soon be turned!
You can achieve this by starting your own internet home business. Slowly but surely you can amass all the information you need freely and cost effectively. It will give you purpose to get excited every morning!
Your purpose is staring you in the face! Grab a hold of it by sharing your expertise. Maybe you would like to express yourself by writing articles or even a book. The world is still on your doorstep. Step over the threshold and connect. The internet is the easiest and greatest resource to get started â€" afresh! See you there!

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