How to Develop a Positive Attitude

Dr. Purushothaman
November 22, 2013

Why are some people more successful, whereas others tend to be unsuccessful? Is there a gene that drives some people to be more successful or do people make themselves more successful? This is a contentious question today among people who want to be more successful and live a happier life. Self-improvement is a branch of psychology and it tries to find the answers to these questions. One of its recommendations for such people is positive thinking. Positive thinking is becoming a buzzword today. However, whether we know enough about it and we can implement it in our lives is still a big question mark. It is impossible to create a positive attitude overnight. There are some steps we need to take in order to create a positive attitude or to think positively. We should initially change our negative thoughts and attitudes into positive ones and then we should also adopt some habits that are essential to do so. After this, you will become a positive thinker.

First of all, in order to create a positive attitude towards events, we should change some internal factors. One step is to forget about all negative thoughts and attitudes. These should be changed into positive thoughts and attitudes. For example, before doing a task which you have not experienced you should say ' This is a great opportunity to learn something new.' instead of 'I have no credentials and experience with this, so it will be a failure.' Of course this is just one step, consistency is also crucial for developing a positive attitude. You should never give up and you should disregard whatever other people say even if they label you as stupid.

Secondly, some habits should also be changed so as to have a positive attitude. For instance, you should have a healthy diet and you should refrain from smoking and consuming alcohol. When you have done this , you will see that both your mind and your body will be healthy. In addition to taking on such healthy habits, choosing your friends with consideration of their implications for your positivity is also important. It should not be forgotten that your milieu has adverse effects on your mood and positivity. If you want to create a positive attitude, you should be with positive people, as they can contribute to your effort to develop a positive attitude.

In conclusion, in today's world, where efficiency and success take precedence over anything else, having a positive attitude towards events and situations is very helpful. However, sometimes the circumstances that you are in may not let you create a positive attitude, but you should keep it in your mind that if a person really wants to do something, s/he will achieve it no matter what. Changing your negative thoughts and attitudes into positive ones and adopting new and healthy habits will assist you in creating a positive attitude.

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