How to delay the aging process

Dr. Purushothaman
September 9, 2013

Delaying the aging process is not just about trying to maintain youthful looks. Though this is usually the first thing we think of in relation to trying to hold back time.

No, delaying the aging process should take into account the whole body and indeed the mind, not just ones appearance. Everyone ages but it is possible to delay ageing by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Do you have the right attitude to aging? Do you accept what you are, making the most of it or do you fret about getting older but at the same time give up and let yourself go to seed!

Factors that influence how we age are lifestyle and the genes we have inherited.

So by taking these things into account it is possible to delay ageing and improve your health too.

Step 1

Before you even try to delay the aging process the best you can, you should think about your attitude to growing old. What do you think when you see people older than yourself? Does the thought of getting old fill you with despair or do you look forward to your advancing years taking it in your stride?

Be honest with yourself, write down your thoughts, and remember nobody needs to see them except you! You might shock yourself with what you think your thoughts on aging truly are.

If you think of aging as a downward spiral then you need to try to change the way you think. Accepting the inevitable in a positive way will help you to get on with the rest of your life and you will find it easier to delay the aging process. A defeatist attitude will probably only help you to age faster than you need to!

Step 2
Staying active

Keeping fit is an important part of staving off the aging process. Being active will help your body to stay supple and is a must if you have osteoarthritis which can effect mobility.Gentle exercise can improve your condition or at least help to stop it from worsening. Seek medical help from your doctor, physiotherapist and or osteopath/chiropractor. These professionals can give you advice on how to manage your condition. You might also want to consider yoga or other practices that may help improve your mind and body's condition.

Step 3

Stress - be it physical, mental or emotional - will contribute to aging in some ways. Experiencing high levels of stress for long periods of time is definitely not good for the body and mind. Undealt with stress can lead to physical problems and may lead to high blood pressure which in turn may lead to heart attacks and strokes. Deal with your stress problems by for example exercising, diet and meditation.

Step 4

Eating the right things can massively improve your health. Feeding the body with healthy nourishing foodstuffs will make it more efficient and able to fight disease better. Antioxidants which are vitamins and minerals are required by the body to help get rid of free radicals - by products of oxidation. If you exercise regularly you may need to take more antioxidants to combat the effects of the amount of free radicals that may build up within your body. Foods such as fruit and vegetables contain antioxidants but you might wish to supplement your diet with vitamin and mineral tablets. Ask a food expert, dietitian or pharmacist for advice.

Step 5

Sleep is important for the mind and body. The body heals and regulates itself to a certain extent during sleep. It is known that too little sleep can contribute to weight gain. Mental and emotional problems may also be helped by getting enough good quality sleep. Total relaxation is reached in deep sleep which has a rejuvenating effect on the mind and body.

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