How To Create A Winning Attitude

Dr. Purushothaman
November 22, 2013

How To Create A Winning Attitude

Today we will take a look at your attitude towards yourself and others. Most people have heard that a nice attitude in sales is like a craftsman with his toolbox. Imagine the painter who has all the colors and paint brushes, but doesn't know how to use them. You can have the best tools, but if you're lacking a nice attitude you will get the same catastrophic results as the painter without his knowledge. A winning attitude is therefore really important to have if you want to succeed.

What is then attitude? Attitude is the combination of your thoughts, feelings and your action. Deficiency in one of them shows up as the weakest link, which creates a mediocre general result.
Let us use an example: We have Peter who works with sales. He has a strong action outwards, but thinks and feels negatively about himself as a sales person. The potential customer feels his negative attitude and denies the business deal. The customer is more likely drawn to a sales person with a winning attitude, since this makes the customer feel better and strengthens his belief of making the right choice.

Small margins like that makes certain people millionaires while others make nothing when the sell the same service or product. This is caused by your attitude, not luck as some might think.
Can you improve your attitude? Of course! Even if you have a negative attitude today you can change it to a winning attitude. Here are some exercises that can help you to create the winning attitude you want and need.

1. What kind of thoughts of yourself do you have?
2. Are they positive or negative?
3. Make sure you practice thinking positively in all situations
4. What kind of thoughts do you have about your customers (See step 1-3)
5. You can change your feelings with your thoughts. Think positively about something you feel negatively about, and change those feelings with your thoughts.
6. What about your action outwards? Do you act calmly or chaotic?
7. Make sure the customer feels comfortable with you all the time
8. Remember that everything is sales, whether you are a sales person or not. You sell an idea to your partner, manager, colleague, etc.

Write everything down on a piece of paper or on your computer. Writing down things makes them valid and your brain remember what you have written down much better than if you do not write them down. Continue then to write down what you want to change and your action plan, i.e. what you need to do, to change you thoughts and feelings. Follow this plan and you will soon get a winning attitude.

I hope you succeed in creating your own winning attitude!

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