How to control your mind

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Dr. Purushothaman
January 15, 2014


Have you ever heard the saying, "He who controls his mind, controls his life"
The opposite of that statement is equally true... He who doesn't control his mind has no control over his life. When we look at the world today, we see the manifestation of this last statement. People are constantly blaming others for what happens in their lives, from politicians to ordinary people. The news media eagerly reports on the various statements made by well-known people, each one criticizing and blaming somebody else for something.
Nobody wants to take responsibility for anything that happens in their lives. No wonder, the world is in a mess and our financial systems are in ruins.
How can we stop this madness? How can we start to become people who take responsibility for our institutions?
It all has to start with each of us taking personal responsibility for what happens in our individual lives. The only way that we can do that is by starting to take control of our minds.
You cannot control what others do or what happens around you, but you can control your mind.
By controlling your mind, you in essence control:
1) the thoughts you think
2) the beliefs you hold
3) the actions you take
4) the words you speak
5) the images that run around in your head
6) your emotions
7) your attitude
When you control the above, you can have and be anything that you want.
How so?
Everything around you is energy. All the buildings, mountains, oceans including the stars and our solar system are energy at its most basic form. And so are our bodies and our thoughts.
Remember when you felt invincible or confident, how things just seemed to work out for you? Have you ever thought why that happened? It is the energy that was in you at that time that made everything smooth.
Now do you remember, the times when you were down and depressed or angry... how things just seemed to go wrong? That was the low negative energy that attracted equally negative situations to you.
The law of attraction is always at work, attracting like to like.
Your mind is the magnet that attracts everything that you experience in your life.
When you're not in control of your mind, you have a victim mentality. You see everything that happens to you as caused by someone else and hence you blame those whom you feel are responsible. However people who control their minds recognize that they have the power. For this reason, they pay special attention to the:
1) thoughts they think,
2) the beliefs they hold
3) the actions they take
4) the words they speak
5) the images that run around in their heads
6) their emotions
7) their attitude.
They know that the moment they let their mind go on its own tangent it will cause trouble. So they have to keep it in check.
Think of your untrained mind as a child who is not subjected to regular discipline and always gets his way. The moment you step in and say "no" he is likely to throw a temper tantrum. Why, because he is not used to it so he will rebel and protest against any effort to try and control his behavior.
In the same way, your mind will resist and protest when you start to discipline it. However as you persist and continue to subject it to discipline and make it a routine it will accept and do whatever you require of it.
An untrained and rebellious mind is the reason why most people fail to realize their dreams. They may learn about the law of attraction and try visualization and affirmations, but the petulant mind will always jump in at critical moments and sabotage your success through procrastination, anger, unforgiveness and doubt.
Therefore it is critical to your success that you rein in your mind. What are the ways in which you can start to exert control your mind?

1) Meditation - Meditation is one of the best ways to control your mind, because you teach it to be still or to focus on what you want it to focus. When meditating you can focus either on your breathing (inhaling and exhaling) or you can count backwards from 100.
2) Mindfulness - Mindfulness refers to being aware at all times of what you're thinking at all times. By doing this you can become aware of your thoughts at all times and correct it, if you find yourself thinking negative thoughts. Mindfulness will also allow you to take deliberate action. Instead of reacting to everything that happens to you, deliberate action enables you to only take actions that you consider to be in your best interests.
3) Become organized - Organize your life and your work. As you become more organized you will help your mind to become less stressed about things.
4) Keep your word - As you keep your word to yourself and to others you keep your mind from conjuring up fearful scenarios of things that can go wrong because you didn't do something that you're supposed to do.

The more you practice these tips, the more your mind will start rewarding you with the lifestyle and happiness you know you deserve.

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