How To Change Your Life Using The Powers Of Your Subconscious Mind

Dr. Purushothaman
September 18, 2013

There is no more profoundly powerful part of the human being than its subconscious mind. Personal happiness, self-esteem, and success in life can only come to those who learn to harness the remarkable powers of their subconscious minds.

Most folks never learn how to access and control (modify) their subconscious minds, therefore most folks have no idea what goes on in their subconscious mind. Subconscious, by definition, means below awareness. Since the subconscious mind houses the directives that control the ways we act, react, think, and believe, it seems crucial that we at least understand what is going on 'down there'.

When you ask how to change your life for the better you are really asking how to modify your mind's harmful directives and replace them with helpful, life affirming directives. When you find yourself acting or thinking in a way that is counterproductive, write it down in this form. My subconscious mind (often called the Deep Mind) is directing me to _____. Complete the statement by adding the unwanted behavior (hurt people, steal, put others down, take advantage of others, be greedy, hate others, hate myself, or whatever it is).

Then, write a 'how to change your life positive directive' to replace it. I want my subconscious mind to direct me to ______ (help people, love, encourage, or whatever.). Read each new positive directive several times a day and think about ways you can make it happen in your life. List some specific behaviors you will do that day that will demonstrate and reinforce the new, positive replacement directive. Since the subconscious mind learns best from seeing how you behave, you must act on it over and over again. The Deep Mind does not respond well to words or being told things. The more it sees you acting according to the new directive the more often it will direct you to act that way.

Always approach your subconscious mind in the positive, never in the negative – 'do' and never 'don't'. (This is the important topic for another article.)

So, when learning how to change your life, you are going to begin by replacing those negative, hurtful, self-defeating, directives that are hurting you, with positive directives that will help you. Your only purpose in writing out the hurtful directives is to help you discover what opposite, helpful, directives you need to write, live, and demonstrate for your subconscious mind. Never reinforce those negative directives by revisiting them. When you feel your subconscious mind urging you to act according to one of them turn on the positive, replacement, directive. (With special training one can learn how to eliminate those unwanted directives entirely. In the mean time just work to override them.)

When asking how to change your life you are really asking how you can change the hurtful directives that have gotten buried in your deep, subconscious, mind. Our behavior is always determined (in the end) by those directives, so it is important to consciously provide helpful alternatives. Just how to eliminate the harmful directives entirely is a more complex process. At the outset of this process of working on how to change your life, strive to, first, discover those harmful directives and, second, write out and practice the opposite, positive, replacement, directives.


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