How to Become Rich

How To Save Money Like Rich People

Dr. Purushothaman
September 7, 2013

"How to become Rich" has probably been on peoples minds ever since they see others like them succeed. But is that what makes a human bean successful? or is it the fact that one goes through struggle in order to achieve something great for his or herself?
Now you are probably wondering how one can become rich right? and I bet that you heard this all before; but one must think in order to become rich!

There are many people today possibly even you who live their lives without knowing what one wants out of life. And with bring up the first thing in order for one to know how to become rich.

Steps on How to Become Rich

KNOW what you want. once you know what you want out of life you will always know what you will get! Meditate just like me every day how much money you would like to obtain by a certain date. where you would like to be in the near future or stand on the beach with your wife! Don't go any further until you know what you want.

Put yourself around successful people! There is a great saying that I live by and I keep it in the back of my head each and everyday which goes "You are who you associate yourself with." This cannot be only true but it can help you follow the path that these successful people took in order to obtain Riches.

Always think positively! Once a man's thoughts are just fill with positive results, he starts to attract these things for himself. Your mind is a powerful tool that even up until this day we don't know how to use it to its full capacity! So look at your mind as a magnet to get the things that you want!

Always have this mentality when you are struggling towards riches; If he can do it SO CAN I! Everyone is no different that everyone else in the accumulation of Riches and probably one of the reasons to which you haven't obtained them quite yet is because you haven't broken through that struggle in your life. These are but a few ways on how to become Rich!

One can only think that if he can do it then so can I! Always have this mentality when you are seeking something greater for yourself.
Always have a clean household; This is one reason to why we don't stay focused on what needs to get we think that we can do it all by doing nothing.
Read this quote very carefully "Don't tell the world what you can do, SHOW IT!"

Many of us including myself say that we will accomplish a goal but all we do is think about it! we never follow through and actually complete the task.
Read everyday! doing this will open your mind to new possibilities not just to a new job or new ways of obtaining items; but it will also give you a great realization of yourself!

Always look in the Mirror and know who or what you are fighting for! Never look back because all that you do now is all that matters!
These are some ways on how to become rich! Follow most of these steps and see where it will take you!

Know how to become rich by always knowing what you want!

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